Yurmön Right is a 19 years old flail tech. His partner is the weapon Jake van Bergen.

Yurmön "Cleaver" Right








Flail technician


Jake van Bergen



Unusual features

His left eye has no pupil and iris.


Yurmön is 178cm high and quite well build. His slender arms are a bit longer than the average ones and seem not to fit him. He's got darkblue hair, red painted fingernails, and his left eye has no pupil or iris in it, making it looking totally blank. He wears a yellow/orange jumpsuit with the number 6 on the back. He also wears a grey shockband around his ankle (you can't see it due to the jumpsuit). He seems only to wear boxershorts underneath the jumpsuit.


Yurmön's an ex-convict. He's been in jail for 3 years for murdering his parents and the neighbourghs. After his release he was send to Shibusen in the hope he could control his psychomatic problems. After he lost control over himself he attacked 2 other Shibusen students. They were saved by a teacher. After this and fearing going back to jail he and his friend left Shibusen.

He has personallities issues and can't stand it when in the dark. He also seems to fear huge fires, but even though he killed or attempted to kill anyone who came nearby him, for some reason his partner doesn't seems to bother him at all. Even sometimes applying that he would rather kill 20 innocent children, than he had to attack Jake.

Yurmön also seems to be very impatient, loud and not obsertive making him going wild when the enemy has a large soul, even going berserk for no reasons. This is also why he never had real friends. It's unknown if he sees Jake as a friend or as a precious tool.


He is highly skilled in using Jake. He often goes berserk and destroys houses while enraged. His left eye also permanently shows him the souls around him thus working as some sort of radar, even when he has his eyes closed or when he's unconcious, his eye seems to keep tracking down souls. In one way even when Yurmön is knocked out the eye take over control over his body to protect him from any dangerous beings. Though the eye itself has little to no fighting talents and only runs away or hides.

With Jake (in his weapon form) he is able to even fight of witches.Besides these abilities he is also able to do soul ressonance with Jake transforming Jake in a Spiked ball connected to a handle with a chain. The spiked ball is 11 times bigger than Jakes normal flail form and is able to make itself smaller when needed.


Known attacks are:

  • Hammer whip: Yurmön adds his souls wavelength to the ball on the chain to provide direct damage to the body. (similar to Soul purge).
  • Bombardment: While using soul resonance Yurmön swings the flail at a high speed around him destroying anything on it's path. After usage the soul resonance is ended and both of them are very exhausted.