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Van is generally a easy going and laid back type of person, except when taking part in an physical activity he enjoys. He then becomes rather energetic and hyperactive, and often likes to fight others in order to test his fighting skills. Because of his experience with being a loner, Van holds friendship in high regard and is very dedicated to his friends, always putting them before anything else. He also despises being looked down upon and anyone who doesn't treat him as an equal, which often causes him to come into conflict with authority figures.


Van appears to be around 13-15 years of age. He has spiky black hair and blue eyes. His usual outfit consists of a short-sleeved blue hooded shirt over a white sleeveless shirt, black pants, and black wristbands.


Physical Fitness: Van's speed and combat prowess rival that of Black Star's.

Strong Soul: Van has an unusually strong soul, and as such, is a practitioner of Soul Menace.

Weapon Gene: Van is a Meister but has weapon blood. He has dispayed the ability to partially transform into Weapon from, transforming his arm from the elbow up into a blade.

Madness: Van has surprising amount of dormant Madness within him, most likely due to him suppressing his accumulating feelings of anger and fustration toward his family and himself. At first, this dormant madness only whenever he was immensely surfaced whenever his anger reached its peak and briefly lose his sanity. However, he later learns to utilize the power of Madness to enhance his abilities through Madness Release.




Although their personalities are quite different, the two have a mutual understanding of each other and enjoy each other's company. They both have a strong sense of dedication toward each other and consider one another as the most trustworthy and closest person they know.

In battle, they are compatible as a Weapon-Meister team and work well together. They are able to match Wavelengths during Soul Resonance and even near the beginning of their partnership it has been stated that the two are able to reach abnormally high resonance rate for even a team of their level.


Gale Kazeki

Van has a very strained relationship with his father. This is because of his father's high-standards. Van often avoids interaction with his father, because he dislikes being forced to live according to his father's expectations.

Kimori Kazeki