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nick nameed tsuna.he is a meister.


without his wepon he is useless in battle terms.he is weaker than a regular person.he is not very smart and most of the time is a coward but that all change when he's with his wepon reborn.

wepon controll first stage Edit

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in this form his wepon become's fire and inject himself into his head.this form has increable power but only last five of the most strogest begins in the world in this form.his has no memory of what he does leave the he is not in controll of himself.if the reason he into this state is done he will leave it no matter if it been 5 minutes or not.his cannot feel pain in this state

soul eaterEdit

he first becomes a meister when his father went on a business trip and said he wouldn't be back for years.but no one would be his wepon because he's so weak.then a baby looking man came up to him and said that he would be his wepon.tsuna thanks him by bowing and crying.then reborn kicks him to the ground and beats him up.tsuna lay on the ground in a coma.reborn kicks him into the air and wakes up from the coma in enought time to feel himself smash into the ground.and so started their partership and friendship