Alias Toujou Sayuri

Capacity One Team

Race Mixed Soul
Gender Female
Age 15
Classification Weapon


Immature Death God

Theme Ravens
Status Alive
Soul Wavelength Courage Wavelength
Powers Soul Lock

Soul Unlock

Soul Split

Soul Expansion

Familiar Summon

Weapon Form Scythe
Professional Data
Affiliations Death Weapon Meister Academy
Meister Partner None

Background Edit

Abducted and experimented on by Maba as a child, Raven was the first, and only, successful experiment of changing the nature of a person's soul. She was originally born as an Immature Death God, and it is unknown whether she is Death's child. Her soul was infused with part of a Demon Weapon soul, and part of Maba's own soul. The experiment was claimed to be successful by the slight flexibility of Raven's soul, however when later tried with another flexible soul the experiment failed; it is unknown why. Raven didn't care for her life and successfully ran away at an early age, and took refuge at the DWMA, using her Soul Lock ability out of fear she would be considered dangerous. Due to the appearance that her soul was weak from the experimentation, she was put in the NOT class. Later, she was put in a situation where she either let the DWMA get overtaken or reveal herself and help protect it. She chose the later and begrudgingly accepted moving up to the EAT class afterwards.

Personality Edit

Appearance Edit

Soul Eater

Raven's appearance, human and weapon form.

Abilities Edit

Soul Lock Edit

Lock's away all of the user's extra strength and abilities except for Soul Unlock. The soul has the same attributes as before, but seems smaller and weaker. Side-effect of user being unable to completely transform into weapon form.

Soul Unlock Edit

Reverses the effects of Soul Lock, restoring the user's natural strength and abilities. Soul restores to normal size.

Soul Split Edit

User is able to split their soul in half, one half Meister and one half Weapon. The user is still effectively one person and does not clone themselves, but their Weapon Form is vacant instead of the person being inside. Unable to achieve Soul Resonance as it is still only one person. Damage to either form is shared by the user.

Soul Expansion Edit

Expands the user's Soul by 10% and is effectively the same as Soul Resonance, with only one person and no Super Skills.

Familiar Summon Edit

The only Magic she's aware she possesses, this allows her to summon a Raven familiar.

Courage Wavelength Edit

Allows people around the possessor to feel more confident. While it does not completely abolish fear, it slightly diminishes it.