Hello. My name is Drew. And I am writing a Soul Eater Fanfiction. I call it: Soul Eater Lost Memmories. It may be long but it truely is a good heart-warming story filled to the brim with action, excitement, romance, humor, and of course uniqueness and a few sad parts. But it is truely a very unique story like none other! It is about a girl named Drew Hinata. She is 12 years old and she is a scythe. Her miester is named Grace Furukawa. They have just enroled in the Acadamy to be with their 'dream boy' Death The Kid. How will it turn out? You'll have to read the story silly I'm not going to spoil it for you! ^-^ This story is filled with shocking secrets and tons of suspense! So I'm not going to force you to read it, but it truely is a really good story so I'm going to ask you: Please Read It.

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