Soul Eater: The Green Soul is a Soul Eater fanfic.

Music Edit

Soul Eater: The Green Soul features 2 opening themes and 6 closing themes, NOT containing karoake. The first opening theme is "September 1st" by Kana Nishino used from episode one through fifty-five. The second opening theme is "Shounen Heart" by Home Made Kazoku used from episode fifty-six onwards to the final episode.

The first closing theme is "Daybreak's Bell" by L'Arc-en-Ciel used for the first sixteen episodes. The second closing theme is "Answer" by FLOW used from episode seventeen through thirty-four. The third closing theme is "Forbidden" by Despairs Ray used from episode thirty-five to forty-six. The fourth closing theme is "Onegai" by Senorita-Orange Range used from episode forty-seven through sixty-five. The fifth closing theme is "Chance" by Uverworld used from episode sixty-six through seventy-three. The final closing theme is "Beforu" by Kiseki, used from episode seventy-four onwards to the final episode.

Characters Edit

Meisters and Weapons Edit

  • Maka Albarn & Soul Eater
  • Black*Star & Tsubaki Nakatsukasa
  • Death the Kid & Liz & Patty Thompson
  • Fusi & Makera Lucha
  • Crona & Ragnarok
  • Franken Stein & Spirit Albarn
  • Ox Ford & Harvar D. Eclair
  • Kirikou Rung & Pot of Fire & Thunder

Note: Fusi and Makera are new characters.

Death Sychtes Edit

  • Marie Mjolnir
  • Yumi Azusa
  • Justin Law

Other Meisters and Weapons Edit

  • Kim Diehl and Jaqueline O'Lantern Dupre
  • Jeefo & Vesa

Note: Jefo and Vesa are evil.

Witches Edit

  • Medusa Gorgon
  • Eruka Frog
  • Arachne
  • Blair (actually a cat)
  • Risa & Arisa
  • Free
  • Mizune Sisters
  • Angela Leon

Other Characters Edit

  • B. Mosquito
  • Mifune
  • Shinigami (Death)
  • Sid Barett
  • Gopher
  • Excalibur
  • Joe Buttataki

Kesions Edit

  • Asura
  • Van Dour

Note: Kesion Van Dour is a new character.

Episodes Edit

1 - Successful Soul Resonance Celebration - Green Soul Is Coming Up? Edit

Maka, Black*Star, Kid and their weapons are celebrating the successful soul resonance of Black*Star and Tsubaki. Patty admits that Kid's symmetry is still not gone, so Liz counts on Kid but Kid wants something symmetrical.

2 - Fusi and Makera! A New Meister Approaches? Edit

Meister Fusi and his weapon Makera have only collected 82 evil souls, which has turned into kesion eggs. Later, as they had 99 kesion souls, they collected the soul of Witch Eruka for Makera to become a Death Scythe but failed and Eruka tells them that she is actually a frog with bomb powers. Later, Maka, Soul, Black*Star, and Tsubaki go to a forest with Crona.

3 - Maka's Breakdown! The Power to Man? Edit

Fusi and Makera have failed their attempt to eat Eruka's soul, so they start their mission over again. Meanwhile, Kid, Liz, and Patty go to fight Mizune but Kid failed to do the battle due to his obsession with symmetry. Blair takes Maka and Soul to the mall later on after the forest fight. Maka gets a breakdown later on due to finding Kid, Patty, and Liz losing to the Mizune Sisters.

4 - Green Souls - New Souls Come Up? Edit

Maka's breakdown stops when Blair, Soul, and her return to the apartment. Kid, Patty, and Liz continue fighting with the Mizune Sisters. Meanwhile, Black*Star and Tsubaki meet at Professor Stein's labatory at night that there is a new test: the model-making test. The person with the best model wins. Later, green souls come from the sky and Soul eats a lot of them. Kid and the Thompson Sisters successfully defeat Mizune, and Fusi and Makera make their first day at Shibusen with the other students.

5 - The Model-Making Test! Who Has The Best Model? Edit

Maka, Black*Star, Kid, Fusi, and their weapons have a model-making test at Shibusen (Fusi and Makera are new to Shibusen). Maka creates the model of a food pyramid with food on it. Soul made a model of the Shinigami face. Black*Star made a model of a giant star. Tsubaki created a volcano model. Kid created a sun model with a little symmetry. Patty created a model of a witch. Liz created a model of a plate. Fusi created a model of an extreme plant. Makera created a model of a dog. The models were graded after that.

6 - Jeefo, the Magic Villain - Evil Meister Jeefo? Edit

Patty, Liz, Kid, Tsubaki, Maka, Soul, Black*Star, Fusi, and Makera go to a forest to fight a magic villain, named Jeefo the Shanal Reaper and his evil weapon, Vesa. Jeefo and Vesa try to perform a kesion soul resonance but failed to due to Maka's first attack on them. Black*Star and Tsubaki perform a Soul Resonance but were down by Jeefo. Kid turns Liz and Patty into giant golden cannons and blasts Jeefo, killing him and Vesa. Maka, Black*Star, Kid, Fusi, and their weapons win, and they blast back to Shibusen to let Shinigami know.

7 - Thompson Sisters Kick-Ass - The Resonance of Patty And Liz? Edit

Kid, Patty, Liz, Soul and Maka go to a big city with troubled columns and lasers. Fusi and Makera go fight at a different place. Maka and Kid battle Arachne and B. Mosquito, with their weapons. Black*Star and Tsubaki meet with Sid at Shibusen. Kid fails to battle B. Mosquito and Arachne due to his obsession with symmetry, so Patty does the rest for him, and Patty fires a big golden explosion from her other sister's gun, that killed B. Mosquito and Arachne.

8 - The Legendary Power Of Black*Star! Part One: Tsubaki and Black*Star's Great Mission? Edit

In this special two-part episode, Black*Star and Tsubaki go to a secret town called Kesion City, with all gloomy skies and Kesion Souls. Meanwhile, Maka, Soul, Fusi, Makera, Kid, Liz, and Patty checked the grade results for the model-making test. However, Soul won first place, who created the model of Shinigami's face. Maka won 15th place, Kid won 8th place, Patty won 7th place, Liz won 3rd place, Fusi won 2nd place, and Makera won 25th place. Shinigami meets them, Crona, Kim, Jaqueline, and all the Shibusen Students except Black*Star and Tsubaki, who went to battle a secret kesion villain. Black*Star fights Medusa, Eruka, and Free to take their souls, which have became kesion eggs. Black*Star tries to kill them by doing a soul resonance but didn't do it.

9 - The Legendary Power Of Black*Star! Part Two: The Strength Of An Assassin? Edit

Black*Star and Tsubaki continue their battle with Medusa, Free, and Eruka. Black*Star tries to remember his assassin rules but fails. Medusa unleashes a powerful cannon that destroyed one of Death City's buildings. Black*Star creates a powerful attack into her, Eruka, and Free. Black*Star and Tsubaki perform a Soul Resonance and they try to work together and beat Medusa and her minions. Black*Star and Tsubaki defeat Medusa, Free, and Eruka by Black Star making a powerful attack into the three. In the model-making test, Black*Star ranked 45th place, and Tsubaki ranked 50th place. Black*Star and Tsubaki see everyone at the Death Room later on.

10 - Medusa And The Kesion Van Dour - Kesion Van Dour Is The New Kesion? Edit

Witch Medusa, Witch Eruka, and Witch Free have token the Kesion Van Dour, and Medusa takes him to the Kesion. Meanwhile, Maka and Soul battle Van Dour with Kid, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patty, Makera, Fusi, Crona, Ragnarok, Stein, and Spirit. Van Dour unleashes an attack into Kid, nearly killing him. Black*Star and Tsubaki perform a Soul Resonance that turned Tsubaki into a golden chain scythe. Black*Star puts a strong attack on Van Dour that killed him. After the battle ended, Soul ate Van Dour's kesion soul.

11 - The Foggy Place - The Biggest Doom In Death City? Edit

Maka and Soul run across Death City because of the big fog on it. They run so fast just to get away from fogs, gloomy stuff, and other doomed situations. However, Black*Star and Tsubaki decide to join them. Maka and Black*Star suddenly reach the other side of Death City, and they face a dangerous robot version of Arachne. Maka and Black*Star, with their weapons try to kill Robot Arachne and collect her robot soul. At DWMA, Kid, Patty, Liz, Jacqueline, Kim, and the other students begin their day prior to Maka and Black*Star's battle with the Robot Arachne. Patty laughs uncontrollably that bothered the other students. Spirit, Maka's father, is a substitute for Professor Stein. Later, Sid, Shinigami, Marie, and Yumi plan a party for the defeat of Van Dour, but Maka and Black*Star weren't back to the academy.

12 - Secret Tool Of The Kesion! Asura And The Secret Tool Of Kesion Souls? Edit

Fusi and Makera confront Asura to grab his giant kesion soul. Makera notices that Asura has a secret magic tool from the black blood. Asura grabs Fusi, and Makera, in her weapon form, Asura kicks her out of Fusi's hand. Fusi unleashes a powerful attack but Asura dodged it. Asura punches Fusi in the face, causing his weapon to fall out of his hand. Later, Maka, Soul, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Kid, Patty, Liz, Ox, Harvar, Kim, Jaqueline, Kilik, Pot of Fire and Thunder, and the other Shibusen students are studying about the defeat of Van Dour and Stein writes down what happened to Van Dour on his chalk board. Meanwhile, Maka rumors about Fusi and Makera about their battle with Asura.

13 - The Morning Party Festival! A Festival In The Very Morning? Edit

Maka, Black*Star, Kid, Fusi and their weapons, along with the other Shibusen students are celebrating a party of Van Dour's defeat, with food like raw fish, raw salmon, pasta, pepper, hamburgers, pizza, hot dogs, fruits, vegetables, juice, and fried chicken. Crona and Ragnarok come to the party as well. Maka was thinking why the festival is celebrated in the morning. A lot of people also danced, some people played instruments like piano, etc.. After the party was over, the students meet at the Death Room to tell Lord Death how much fun they had.

14 - Battle Or Not! Castle Of Green Souls? Edit

Kid, Liz and Patty need the soul of the green ghost of Baba Yaga's castle, who's soul is the green ghost soul. The green ghost unleashes power to Kid which caused Kid to fall to the ground. Kid gets up again and turns Liz and Patty into their bigger weapon forms, not the golden cannon. The green ghost is pursued by the black blood when Kid shoots him in the leg. Kid turn Liz and Patty into golden cannons, Liz's fire was green and Patty's was red, which killed the green ghost. The green ghost soul is collected after the battle.

15 - Dwelling Souls - A Sound Of The Possessing? Edit

Black*Star and Tsubaki battle Mifune because Mifune destroyed a big building in Death City due to his possession from the black blood. A lot of kesion souls dwell into green souls from the black blood possess. Meanwhile, Soul, Maka, Kid, Liz, Patty, Fusi, and Makera are at the classroom with the other students of Shibusen, studying what's happening on the world. The students were told by Professor Stein that Mifune destroyed a big building of the city due to his possession of the black blood. Black*Star beats Mifune, letting Mifune fall to the ground.

16 - The Guy's Big Legend - A Soul Told By the Great Man? Edit

Maka, Soul, Fusi, Makera, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty go to the Shibusen Desert to fight a legend, who studied about the kishion Asura. Professor Stein goes with them. Stein tells Fusi, Kid, Black*Star, and Maka to connect their souls and do a resonance. They battle Mizune, however, Blair is attempting to kill Mizune herself with her Halloween Canon or Smashing Pumpkin. Maka and Soul do a Soul Resonance that completely defeats the first Mizune. Four of the Mizunes need to be defeated now, but were unbeatable. One of the Mizunes unleash a black blood storm that made Maka and Soul fall to the ground. Now only Fusi, Black*Star, Kid and their weapons can be able to beat the Mizunes their selves.

17 - Mizune And Blair Attack! The Great Force Of Resonance? Edit

Changed Ending Theme: Answer by FLOW

Fusi, Kid, and Black*Star continue their battle with the Mizune sisters, while Soul and Maka are down into the sand, nearly defeated. Blair arrives and attacks Mizune with her Smashing Pumpkin that defeated three Mizunes. Now there is only one Mizune left to defeat. Two of the defeated Mizunes get back up that scared Blair, Fusi, Black*Star, Kid, Makera, Tsubaki, Liz, and Patty, however, the four of them defeat the three alive Mizunes all together.

18 - Mifune and Angela's Great Mission! Part One: The Path Of The Gods? Edit

Mifune and Angela go to the Death Room for their important mission. They need to challenge Fusi, Kid, Kilik, Ox, Kim, Black*Star, and their weapons to see how much strength they could handle on the path of the gods. First, Mifune battles Ox. Ox handled 76% strength, so he goes up to the path of the gods upstairs. Mifune battles Kid next. Kid uses a fire cannon to blast Mifune. Kid had 84% strength, and goes upstairs to the path of gods. Mifune battles Kilik next. Kilik only had 54% strength, but is able to go the path of the gods. Whoever gets 50-100% strength gets to go to the path of the gods. He fights Fusi next. Fusi has 100% strength! He runs up to the path of gods. Next, Mifune faced Kim. Kim Diehl had 83% strength, one less than Kid's strength. She joins the path of gods. Lastly, Mifune battles Black*Star. Black*Star only had 21% strength due to being a bigger man in the academy, so he goes back to the DWMA with Tsubaki, then unfortunately comes back.

19 - Mifune and Angela's Great Mission! Part Two: The Power Of Time? Edit

Mifune leads Fusi, Black*Star, Kid, Kilik, Ox, Kim, and their weapons into a creepy place with dark lasers. There was an emergency: Medusa appears again! Together, Mifune and Angela battle Medusa with Fusi, Black*Star, Kid, Kilik, Ox, and Kim and as well with their weapons (Makera, Tsubaki, Liz and Patty, Fire and Thunder, Harvar, Jacqueline). Mifune unleashes a powerful attack with his sword and tries to defend Angela. Medusa unleashes a powerful attack but nobody got hit by it. Mifune hits Medusa on the hand, and defeats Medusa. Makera, Tsubaki, Patty, Liz, Fire, Thunder, Harvar, and Jacqueline change back to their human forms. Together, Mifune and the others go back to the DWMA death room to let Shinigami know about the completed mission.

20 - The Men's Great Battle! What Fears Around The Stars? Edit

Justin, Joe Buttataki, Excalibur, Giriko, Arachne, and Mosquito are fighting inside a gloomy forest with snakes and spiders. However, Mifune and Angela manage to take Black*Star, Kid, Ox, Kilik, Kim, and Fusi with their weapons to Baba Yaga's castle to find a magic soul, that is a green soul. However, Eruka, Free, and Medusa manage to get the soul before Mifune and the others do. Stein, Yumi, Marie, Crona, Spirit, Arisa, Risa, and Blair are at the death room watching Mifune and the others to see is they are doing good or bad in that mission.

21 - Magic Weapon - The Uncanny Sword Hand? Edit

Black*Star changes Tsubaki into her uncanny sword mode. Kid changes Liz and Patty to their large cannon mode. Kilik, Kim, Fusi, Ox, and their weapons don't change their weapons into a different form. Just their weapons normal form. Mifune and Angela lead all of them to where the green magic soul is. They grab it. Tsubaki, in her uncanny sword mode, asks Mifune a quick question about the magic green soul.