Smith Prometheus Crafter is a young Warlock(Half-Witch Half-Sorcerer) and the son of a exiled witch named Calypso Seiren and a exiled Sorcerer named Hephaestus Crafter.


Fraction:Warlock Society

Allies:Death Academy

Enemies:Satan's Hand Corps, Necrolocks

Powers:Key n' Lock Armor,Key Cannons,Purge(Healing and purifying a soul), magic, transform(his form is small metal wind-up toy tank)


Smith's parents were exiled because of their sympathy for humans and their love for each other, like others before them they were exiled to the human cities.When Smith was growing up,The Witches and Sorcerers saw him and the other offspring of exiled Witches and Sorcerers(both refered to as "Renegades") as a threat and tried to kill them off but the first warlock Mr.Tinker'ton formed a society of Warlocks that would aid the Death Academy and teach Warlocks to defend themselves. Smith after his parents,aunts,and uncles souls were robbed by the Satan's Hand Corps and Sorcerers he vowed to fight them and the new Satan's Hand Corps threat and save the souls of his family.He is a rather cheerful fellow and seems to have a crush on Liz Thomson. He also has a mechanical golden owl named Bubo.

Key N' Lock ArmorEdit

Like many Warlocks, Smith can create a suit of armor for himself by having his body creating a exoskeleton around his body which is made from extra bone(which is made out of metal) that he grows during the transformation. His armor is silver and black. His torso armor looks like a giant lock and his soul can be seen though the keyhole in the front. His arms and legs covered by bellow-pipe plating that is wrapped in chains and he has two,silver,large crossed keys on his back(which can uncross and mount on his shoulders and serve as canons) and his helmet resembles that of a knight. This transformation in the first 3 times is painful, but after that a Warlock's body can transform smoothly and painlessly.


Like Witches and Sorcerers, Warlocks can transform but into mechanical things instead of animals, ussaly a metal wind-up toy or small mechanical figure. Smith can transform into a small tin wind-up tank


A miraculous power that a Warlock has is cleansing and healing even the most wicked soul(Except the Kishin). Because of this, Warlocks do not believe in devouring souls as their motto says "Every Life is Sacred,No More,No Less". The Warlock takes the soul and places it in the Keylock in their chest were their soul eats the filth off it and vents it out and then the soul given to Death Academy for safekeeping. Smith first cleansed Crona's soul which also helped him/her tame the Black Blood in his/her body. After this he told Crona and Ragnorok "You don't need to be executed,you can come home[Death Academy] now." and Crona overwhelmed with fear after being free from his/her long tormented state madness bursted into tears with Smith comforting him/her saying "Its over....its all over,you have control of it now,no need to be frightened,it can't hurt you anymore"


  • Smith's middle name Prometheus is the name of the Titan of fire and smithery
  • Hephaestus is the name of the Greek God of Blacksmithing, Technology, Knowlege, and Fire
  • Calypso is the name of a Greek Sea Witch
  • Bubo The Golden Owl is based off Bubo from the 1981 Clash Of The Titans