Seiritsu is Sadow's weapon in the DWMA.


Seiritsu in Human form

Personality Edit

He is boastful, loud, and a firm believer in his own indestructibility. He will seek battle to gain strength and to prove his superiority over others. When his pride is hurt, he will often walk around his surroundings in thought. He claims that "fighting and pain are his only true companions". Despite this, he cares deeply for his comrades but refuses to openly admit to it. He does have a sense of honor about him, not attacking opponents who are either ill/have poor health or have lost their will to fight.

Appearance Edit

His appearance is based on the greasers of the 1970's. He wears a leather jacket and a white wife-beater underneath. He also wears jeans and combat boots. Aside from clothing, he has tan skin, brown hair with long sideburns, and brown eyes. He seems to be quite tall, his chest being on the same height as Sadow and Shoukai's heads.

Abilities Edit

Weapon Form: He can transform into a pistol that can be wielded by Sadow due to their similar spiritual wavelengths.

Immense Strength: He has been shown to have great upper-body strength. Sadow describes this as his "fists feel like a blast from a cannon."

Relationships Edit

Sadow He enjoys enticing Sadow into a fight. This often causes bad relations between the two, whereas Shoukai would have to intervene. The only real thing they share in common is their love of battle, to which they work perfectly as a team.

Shoukai He often treats her like a younger sister. This includes hitting her and pulling her hair. He treats her in a similar way Ragnarok treated Crona.

Synopsis Edit

None so far...

Trivia Edit

His theme is "Zakuro" by Suilen.