Sadow Yatsumaru Yu Yu

Sadow with Shoukai and Seiritsu

Sadow is a meister and a student at the DWMA.

Personality Edit

He has shown to have a love-of-combat personality, constantly seeking to engage in battle to prove his strength. Though, as stated by Shoukai, he has sides of his personality hidden from many others. He is rude to those around him and brash to take action in most situations. Under the surface, he is what Shoukai states as a "kind and gentle soul" who wishes to protect what few friends he can gain without letting them be aware of his intent, making him believe compassion is viewed as weak. When fighting, he will often wear a grin on his face to show how he is having fun. When losing a battle, however, his grin will fade and he will become extremely serious and determined.

Appearance Edit

He has short white hair cut so that on one side his bangs cover his left eye. He has slitted red eyes and wears red-tinted round glasses often. He also wears a black tophat and black and red trenchcoat with an opening at the chest and black strings connecting to each side on the opening. The most notable part of his uniform is the black spikes emitting from his shoulders with red outlines. He wears a necklace with a red crystal for unknown reasons. He also has slightly fanged teeth, oddly enough, making some believe if he is even human due to his demonic appearance.

Abilities Edit

Superior Adaptation Skills : He can adapt quickly to situations calling for either combat or survivability. This is especially in the case where he needs to protect a comrade, as he will even endanger himself to keep them alive but do so to minimize the damage as much as possible.

Targeting-Glasses : His sunglasses are actually a secret pair of target-navigators for Sadow. It is unknown how he acquired these although he states that it was not an easy endeavor. Both lenses can target a single object or person at a time, although he claims there is an upgrade to where he can target up to nine people but has yet been able to gain such an upgrade.

Relationships Edit

Shoukai Although Sadow sees Shoukai as annoying and treats her rather unfairly, she admires and has even hinted secret feelings for him but is too afraid to admit them openly. Her loyalty to Sadow makes them excellent partners in battle.

Seiritsu They seem to not get along well outside of combat, being that the love of battle is the only thing they really share in common. In comical situations, Seiritsu will purposefully ignite Sadow's anger simply for his own amusement, to which Sadow berates him for. Shoukai usually must act as the medium between the two and bring them out of arguments.

Synopsis Edit

None so far...

Trivia Edit

His used image is from my old Yu Yu Hakusho fanon and was drawn by Minks about a year ago. Again, thanks buddy!

His chosen theme by the author is "Magnolia" by Suilen.