Raiyoku Takujikka

雷翼 宅実家


Staff Meister, Hunter




Human, Meister





Soul Type

Human, Ryoshi


Gintama Takujikka


Eye of Ryoshi, Soul Perception, Witch Hunter, Genie Hunter, Kishin Hunter, Werewolf Hunter, Vampire Hunter, Shadow Hunter


Parkour, Bojutsu, Unarmed Combat

Series Debut (Anime Only)

The Takujikka Brothers: Last of the Legendary Hunter Clan?


Raiyoku is a 15-year-old, free spirited, highly active Three-Star meister who currently attends Death Weapon Meister Academy (DWMA). He is one of the strongest meisters in the world because of his unique ability and strong connection to his weapon, older brother Gintama Takujikka. He tends to do his own thing and ignore school rules, which sometimes gets him into trouble.


Raiyoku likes to follow his own rules, which often means ignoring other rules. He has a tendency to skip out on class and, instead, roams the halls while he jams to his iPod. He is very free-spirited and always keeps a positive outlook on life. He doesn't take any nonesense from anyone, though. He sometimes can have a short temper, especially on days he doesn't get a lot of sleep. He practices a philosophy of turning powerful negative emotions into powerful positive emotions, which helps him become a strong meister. He has a knack for cracking jokes or making others angry quickly, which he often enjoys.

Raiyoku is a bit of a womanizer. He prefers older women, and has hit on Blair, Marie Mjolnir, and Yumi Azusa more than once - mostly Blair - with little to no success. It is because of this he has remained single all his life and - his brother theorizes - will continue to remain single until his 20's.

Raiyoku also enjoys the sport of Parkour. He exceptionally skilled at it, and is often seen doing it more than actually walking. He hops across school staircases, runs across rooftops, backflips down hallways, and was once sent to detention for accidentally falling through a window into the girls' bathroom.


Raiyoku is slightly tall for his age, around 5'7". He is also very well-built too, similar in stature to Black☆Star. He always wears black shoes, slim black cargo pants, a dark red sleeveless undershirt, and fingerless leather gloves. He always has a pair of black headphones around his neck or on his head when he is listening to music on his iPod, usually 80's rock. He has lightly tanned skin and medium-short black hair that subtly curves upward in large locks. His right eye is a striking ice blue. His left eye, however, is blank, and he is blind in that eye as well. Around the eye is two different-length discolored scars that form an "X" shape over the eye. He has a soft voice like the adult Simba.


Soul Resonance: As a Three-Star meister, Raiyoku has very powerful Soul Resonance with his weapon. When they resonate, the two practically radiate waves of energy. Raiyoku has mastered this technique by turning his rage towards werewolves - which is manipulated by Asura into madness at one point - into resolve, a solid, unyielding determination, which provides practically unbreakable Soul Resonance.

Monster Detection: Raiyoku has the ability to sense when a monster of any kind is near, be it kishin, witch, werewolf, or any other. This ability has been of great use to Raiyoku and has saved his life on a number of occasions.

Eye of Ryoshi: An ability unique to certain members of the Takujikka family, or members of other powerful hunter families, those who possess this power are marked by a blind eye with no iris or pupil. When the ability is activated, a japanese symbol appears in red on the blank blind eye. This ability allows Raiyoku to detect monsters and hunt them down. It also unlocks the power to wield Hunter attacks at a young age. When other meisters couldn't even learn a Hunter move, for example Witch Hunter, Raiyoku was able to master it. This ability also lets Raiyoku wield special Hunter moves that are unteachable to other meisters, like Werewolf Hunter. The energy blades created by each Hunter move glow red and are more smooth and clean-cut in appearance. This ability also passively grants Raiyoku the power of Soul Perception.

Soul Perception: This unique ability allows Raiyoku to perceive the souls of various beings such as humans, witches, and immortals, and is much more of a rare skill. If it weren't for his Eye of Ryoshi, Raiyoku might not have this ability. He is so skilled at using it he sometimes has to force himself to stop, otherwise everywhere he went he would see souls, which would drive him nuts.

Witch Hunter: A traditional Soul Resonance attack used by scythe meisters. This move is only available to Raiyoku when he uses Eye of Ryoshi, as he is not a scythe meister. As a staff meister, however, Witch Hunter is still able to form a crescent-shaped blade of energy from the end of Raiyoku's silver staff. Raiyoku is seen using this ability twice; once to kill an anonymous witch, and once during the battle against Asura. Unlike Maka's Witch Hunter, Raiyoku's does not have an eye on the blade.

Genie Hunter: This stronger form of Witch Hunter resembles a massive halberd-like blade, rather than a scythe. Raiyoku is only seen using this during the battle against Asura. It is only activated through his Eye of Ryoshi. Unlike Maka's Genie Hunter, Raiyoku's does not have an eye on the blade.

Kishin Hunter: Raiyoku's version of this attack looks somewhat like outspread dragon wings. It is one of the special Hunter moves he used in the battle against Asura. Unlike other meisters' Kishin Hunters, Raiyoku's does not carry the anti-demon wavelength. Like all other Hunter moves used by Raiyoku, it instead carries the Ryoshi wavelength, a wavelength that specifically targets all forms of monsters and destroy them, rather than repel. Unlike Maka's and Lord Death's Kishin Hunters, Raiyoku's does not have an eye on the blade.

Werewolf Hunter: A unique Hunter move, seen only used by Raiyoku. Due to his campaign against Free and his general hatred for all werewolves, this is the most frequent Hunter move used by Raiyoku. It takes the shape of two triangular-shaped blades that extend from opposing sides to form an axe-like weapon. Raiyoku has successfully killed 4 werewolves and severely injured Free with this move.

Vampire Hunter: This move is seen used only by Raiyoku during the battle for Brew against Mosquito. It takes the form of two very long isocele-shaped blades that extend from Raiyoku's staff about a foot from the top, making the whole appear shaped like a straight pickaxe. This move targets bloodsucking monsters like Arachne and Mosquito. Raiyoku failed to strike Mosquito with it, barely missing him, and instead struck the ground and was given a hard kick in the gut by Mosquito.

Shadow Hunter: This is Raiyoku's strongest attack. Shadow Hunter is a last resort attack designed for monsters too powerful for any other Hunter moves to have any effect. The staff actually shortens slightly and becomes engulfed in a simplistic sword-shaped energy, leaving a portion of the staff bare for the grip of the sword. Unlike Raiyoku's other Hunter moves, the energy blade glows pure white instead of red. Raiyoku's has only used this once during the battle against Asura. He nearly succeeded but was overpowered by Asura's endless barrage of razor cloths.

Halo Slash: This is Rayoku's signature attack when he uses any of his Hunter moves. It is a 360-degree horizontal slashing attack whose name is often accompanied by a word that applies to whatever Hunter move he uses: Piercing Halo Slash for Vampire Hunter, Figure-9 Halo Slash for Witch Hunter, etc.


Raiyoku and his brother Gintama are the last remaining members of the Takujikka Clan . It was a hunter clan that trained meisters and weapons within the clan to hunt not only for food, but to hunt down evil creatures and destroy them, much like the practices of DWMA. The clan is named after the Takujikka family, the leaders of the clan. When Raiyoku was 6 years old, he and his brother witnessed the slaughter of their entire clan by a pack of werewolves. He and his brother survived by remaining well hidden until the werewolves left. No one but the two brothers were left alive. Raiyoku has since retained a burning hatred for werewolves and vowed to kill any he finds. The werewolf head count is currently at 4.

After the massacre, Raiyoku and Gintama fled the village and headed for Death City, where they lived for 2 years as homeless orphans, stealing food and fighting away thugs. This became easier when they discovered that Gintama could turn into a weapon, a silver staff. One day they were discovered by Lord Death and taken to the DWMA where he allowed them to stay and call home. He then used the school to raise them and train them to become what they are today. They were given martial arts classes, bojutsu classes, weapon meister training, and regular school classes, along with three meals a day. Raiyoku and Gintama were also taught sign language, since Gintama is mute. Before that the two could only communicate through writing or hand signals.


Eye of Ryoshi symbol

Raiyoku gained a Three-Star rank faster than most meisters. It only took 2 years. At first he possessed no special abilities of any real significance, just that he had more strength and stamina than usual for a boy his age. One day he and his brother were walking through the streets of Death City when they happened upon a lone werewolf near the entrance of an alley, the first werewolf Raiyoku has seen since his clan's murder. He stopped dead to look at the beast pawing through a knocked over trash can before he charged at it. The werewolf took off down the alley before Raiyoku could reach it. Raiyoku grabbed Gintama's arm and somehow forced him into his weapon form before giving chase. Gintama was able to see Raiyoku's blind eye before turning into a weapon. The faded scars around it glowed dark red and a japanese symbol appeared in red where Raiyoku's iris would normally be.

The werewolf disappeared from sight when Raiyoku reached the other end of the alley. He stood there for a moment before he started sensing the werewolf's presence. It was fading, but he could still locate it. As he chased the werewolf, he sensed it round a corner into another alley. Raiyoku decided to freerun up a building and find it from the roofs. He eventually spotted the werewolf and leapt from the rooftop with the staff reared back for a swing. In that moment the staff glowed and two triangular-shaped blades of red energy extended from the end of the staff, forming an axe-like shape. He swung the axe through the air as he descended upon the werewolf and cut the werewolf's head clean off before landing between the werewolf's body and disembodied head, which proceeded to roll down the sidewalk.

His scars stopped glowing, the symbol in his eye disappered and the axe blades disappeared, allowing Gintama to return to his human form. They discussed briefly what just happened - in sign language - before deciding to bring the werewolf head back to Lord Death and telling him what happened. Lord Death explained to them that what Raiyoku experienced was an ability that has been passed down through his family for generations, called the Eye of Ryoshi. It unlocks special hunter abilities that can't be used by normal meisters. Since then Raiyoku and Gintama have been training that ability to its limits.

Raiyoku's SoulEdit

Raiyoku has a very special soul that only exists in powerful hunter bloodlines, most of which have died out.

Part in the ShowEdit

Raiyoku is an important character in the show and plays a major role in the main cast. He is most recognized for his sparring battles with Black☆Star, his constant attempts to woo Blair and other women, and his ongoing campaign to kill Free. He makes his debut in the anime as a prologue character when he is asked to put Black☆Star in his place when he starts picking one too many fights around the school. He has since become a powerful ally to the main trio, even battling alongside them against Asura.



Gintama TakujikkaEdit

Older brother and weapon to Raiyoku, Gintama maintains a close bond with his brother. The two often seem inseparable, and are ususally seen together. If Raiyoku arrives on location alone, Gintama is sure to follow. Gintama is always seen as the method to Raiyoku's madness. He keeps Raiyoku from getting into too much trouble and holds him back from something he would get himself killed doing.


Black☆Star and Raiyoku first met when Raiyoku was asked to put Black☆Star in his place when he started picking one too many fights. Since then they have come to know each other as perfect sparring partners.

Death the KidEdit


  • Raiyoku has hit on Blair exactly 23 times.
  • Raiyoku can't swim, and he is afraid to try.
  • Black☆Star and Raiyoku have squared off 5 times; twice without weapons - one of which was unsupervised - and three times with weapons.
  • Raiyoku's name literally means "Lightning Wing." He is aptly named; it has been shown that Raiyoku has one hell of a punch.
  • Raiyoku is left handed. He often catches his foes off guard with his legendary left hook.