Basic Information
Age 16
Blood Type AB
Species Weapon
Gender Male
Meister/Weapon Bellus Eden
Relationships Grandfather †,

Bellus Eden

Family Grandfather †
Enemies Unknown
Affiliations None
Physical Information
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Hazel
Special Attributes Is a Mathematical Genius
Attacks and Enhancements
Attacks Unknown
Enhancements Soul Resonance

Poseison, also known as Whizboy to some, is a Death Scythe, Bellus Eden's Weapon, and is a Mathematical Genius.


With both parents dead at birth, he was fostered by his grandfather, whom was a Weapon (and didn't know at the time) and a mathematical professor at a local college. He soon took after his grandfather when he had passed and became more: a genius.


He is usually quite calm and laid-back when not in a fight. When in a tough situation, he counts on mathematical knowledge to guide him through it, even when confronted, and elaborates on several ideas and outcomes based on algebraic problems and finds a solution when he finds a weak spot or advantage. When in this state of total thought, he is shown to be wide-eyed and "spazzy", as some would say, as he freakishly waves both his index fingers around and points out mathematical logic in his mind.


He has gray, short, curly hair and hazel eyes. He wears a white vest over a white, collared shirt along with white khakis and is usually barefoot. At times, when he reads, he does wear reading glasses. When in Weapon form, though, he transforms into some custom-made Double-Handle Twin Beast Blades, which are two huge, skinny chrome metal blades atop a large block of hone with two stone handles beneath it, with white bandages tied around them both poorly and a chain at the end of one of them that has gray, furry tail hooked to it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is unknown what powers and abilities Poseison has, as he hasn't shown any as of yet.