Nohi Azuki(Azuki Nohi, lit. red beams of light) is a meister and average 2nd year student at the DWMA.

Nohi Azuki


Azuki is a welcoming, whiny 15 year old girl, who never fails to put a smile on people's faces. With one exeption. She seems to be two-faced, as she can turn around and be absolutely cruel to her weapon, Haizo Aoi, constantly pointing out flaws and finding some reason to yell at him. Aside from her cruelness to haizo, she's a girl that never stops smiling and being pleasant.


She has medium-long blonde hair, put up into a single pigtail on the left side of her head. She wears a dark magenta, almost purple colored top that ends right below her chest, exposing her midriff. She wears a tight, black shorts and thigh-igh stockings. Her sleeves are detched from her sleevless top. Hidden within her sleeves are a pair of hidden needles, which are only even with her when she's on a mission. She also wears ankle-high boots.


Exelled hand-to-hand combat: Nohi is experienced in martial arts and several weaponry areas. Her best is claws, which is what Haizo can transform into.


Haizo: It's a comon rumor at the DWMA that theres was a mistake when Haizo and Nohi were matched. Both Haizo and Nohi have completely different views, battle styles, and ways of going about things. Nohi loathes Haizo's pointlessly complex, rash mathods. It would be easier to say that Nohi generaly loathes Haizo.


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