The long lost brother of crona and the miester of Colat,the madness sword,Lowlat the demon mace,Folat the fire sword and Moelat the demon saw. He was Medusa's first creation which she made before crona.Not seeing the true power in him she was even more mean to him as she was to crona.After seeing the power he had and his rebelious trait medusa locked nightmare in a small room for 12 years.after 12 years crona not knowing what was inside the room opened the door letting out nightmare who is now 12 years old leaving a note which Crona could not open untill he found out his hidden potential.Being let free,nightmare hid his identity in to "the shadow"


Crona:The brother of nightmare he and nightmare have a very strong bond even though they both have completely different personality with crona being more shy and has less confidance than Nightmare. even though they have different personalities Nightmare would do anything for him because he knows Cronas true potential and would always help crona get over his fears of meeting new people in a very humorous way.

Ghostinstin Von Corp: Nightmares main rival Ghostinstin has a close personality similar to nightmares personality except Ghostinstin is more of a show off as he always tries to be better than Nightmare but usualy fails at doing so.Even though they are rivals if Ghostinstin is in a pinch Nightmare will very soon come to help as he and "Ghost" are a very good team of a cyborg (Ghost) and a experiment (Nightmare). Even after that he and Nightmare will always compete with each other


Nightmares abilites are the same as crona but due to all the black blood medusa gave him made his powers more powerful his new abilites are

.bloody pins; he pokes a hole in his hand and the black blood into a pin shape shoot them out

.bloody pins and needles; nightmare makes a circle of blood around him and sprouts up to 50 needles each shooting out 5 pin each 

.screech nova;Nightmare uses a hyped up sword which is extreamly powerfull.

.Secret armor; Nightmare creates knight armor which makes him able to withstand higher amounts of damage.