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Monsters (怪物 Kaibutsu) are non-human entities present within the world of Soul Eater. Unlike other races such as Witches or Humans, monsters can appear radically different with eachother


Monsters can have various different appearances and abilities and can be notably powerful and even intelligent whilst others are incapable of human speech. Like witches, sorcerers and even some Meister/Weapon pairs, monsters can follow a theme.


"Monster" is a generalized term used to describe creatures that are non-human, witch, sorcerer, clown etc. There are several species of monster present in the series and are listed below:

Name Description Example
BakenekoA species of cat capable of Magic, they have nine soulsBlair
CyclopsGiant, humanoid monsters with one eyeBlair
DemonPowerful demonic creatures capable of shapeshiftingThe Succubus
GremlinsAirborne and mechanically orientated monstersSelect Gremlins
Horror DragonA gargantuan, three headed, draconian monsterHorror Dragon
ManticoreChimera like monstersThe Manticore
OrthrusA hybrid monster containing both canine and octopus-like traitsOrthrus
PigA humanoid pig monster who's flesh is supposedly deliciousOrthrus
SirenAngelic female monster whose body is integrated into a large sound systemThe Siren
VampireHumanoid monsters that consume the blood of other beingsMosquito
WerewolfHumanoid monsters that can shapeshift into a wolf-like formFree
WormWorm-like monsters that reside withing the Book of Eibon and Noah's Familiars Worms
ZombieA human being who has died and been brought back to lifeSid Barett

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magic (魔法 Mahō): A witch's most fundamental and noteworthy ability id their capability with magic - the supernatural force that allows the user to influence and change the laws and events of the world to their own choosing. Their magic usually follows a distinct animal theme that reflects their appearance, personality, traits and occasionally even their name.

Meister Capabilities: Vaguely heard of due to the nature of the relationship between Witches and Demon Weapons. Although it has been shown that some witches choose to become meisters, as evident by Kim Diehl, who is a Lamp Meister.


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