"I am simply a son of one hell of a butler!"-Maximillion introducing himself to Lord Death

Maximilion Redemous Michaelis is son of Sebastian Michaelis and Blair, he is a weapon who turns into a fencing sword (Griffin's Claw)

Name: Maximilion Redemos Michaelis

Age: 14

Family: Sebastian Michelis(Father) Blair(Mother) Ceil(Godfather) Elizabeth (Godmother)

Eye Color: red

Hair Color: pumpkin orange

Race: Renegade Demon (Father's side) Beast-Shifter(Mother's Side)

Type: Weapon

Nationality: British (father's side) American (mother's side)

Alias: Kitty (Girl Students), Son of the Abomination (demons), Our little boy (Sebastain), Our kitten (Blair).

Partner: Angela (now older and a mestier student of the DWMA)

Animal Form: A cat-sized black and orange griffin with purple cheek blushes and a caddy cap

Renegade Demon Form: Humanoid Griffin


-Conception and Birth-

14 Years ago, when Blair went off and waved good bye to Soul and Maka she went to serve as a Maid to Phantomhive Household. Ceil keeping the secret of being reborn demon noticed Blair and Sebastain getting closer, especialy after Blair saved Ceil's life with the same determination and compassion as Sebastain does. Grell and genderly unsure...tried to kill her but threatened by Sebastain later on. Ceil thought that they looked happy together, and oftened asked them only to come along with him, years later, Sebastain, nervous but trained by Ceil, proposed to Blair, by the time Ceil was an adult, Blair and Sebastain got married. After 4 months Blair became sick, Ceil decided to have a doctor check on her, she was pregant. Sebastain was worried about his master's reaction to this, but Ceil thought the least he can do for his butler and closing thing to being his family was to be their child's Godfather. 9 months later Blair went into labor and it was long and painful, wich made Sebastain uneasy, even throwing up out the window while waiting with Ceil being there for Sebastain as he was to him. Blair made it through and their child was a lovely boy, Ceil for once saw Sebastain cry-silenly with joy-as he held his child noting the cute cat ears. Sebastain and Blair gave his middle name Redemous after the latin word "Redemptio" meaning redemption (refering to despite what Sebastion was and what Ceil was cursed with, they did do deeds that were for the greater good).

-Growing up and discovering his power-

Max lived a happy childhood with the help of a priest who helped look after Max. A bishop of the Church Max attened to looked in records about Sebastain's ancestry of one of the angles being a Weapon, A Death Sycthe weiled by the True Lord Death himself and wondered if the child could have inherited it. And soon as a group of thugs tried to attack Ceil on night, Max at the age of 9 ran in to stop them,involentarily activating his inereted gene, his fingers grew into fencing blades and killed one of the thugs in a single slash. The other thieves called Max a "Freak" and ran off, Max was scared of himself and began hugging Ceil crying, Sebastain and Blair came in and asked what happened while trying to calm their son down. Ceil told Sebastain who was embracing his whimpering son "Sebastain...your son, he killed that man, his fingers turned into blades...I think he's one of those Weapons..." and Sebastain looked in shock and concern and Max asked "Pappa, Whats happening to me?"

5 Years later Max packed his things and go ready to go to the United States of America, Nevada, Death City-His mother's original home-and learn to become a Death Scythe and fight the forces of evil and madness. His father sen't him his old pocket watch with their family photo framed on the back of the lid. He has yet to find a partner but his freinds are willing to help him find one


Like his father he is a gentleman, cheery, polite, and like his mother, can be mischivous but expresses it with his father's passive and sarcastic mannerisms. However he is very shy around pretty girls (in fact he has a crush on Black*Star and Tsubaki's daughter but always chokes when he tries to flirt with her). He also likes to sing wich has the girls in his class adore and squee over him wich makes him blush even more.


"(embarrissed) Please dad I'm not a little kid anymore is calling my cat ears cute in front of them right now a bit too much?"

"I promise I will call mum"

"I will make sure I talk to you too Master Ceil!"

"White*Star...she sure is cute..."

"This city is MASSIVE! It looked alot smaller from up there!"

"Im never going to find a Mesiter at this rate!"

"Oh dear, we are going to be late if Kat keeps us wating!"

"If I cussed too much I wouldn't be much of a gentleman wouldn't I?"

"Leave this to me..." (points finger to the rusted shut steel doors) "Pumpkin~ Pumpkin~ Pum-Pumpkin-POW!" (doors blown open in a pumpkin-shaped blast)

"Too many cute girls, damnit!"

"Such big talk from a doubled layered rat"

"Im a GRIFFIN for your information, its from mythology, which you can find from by READING BOOKS"

"This griffin has claws so don't tempt me gentlemen"