Matilda Bismarch
Basic Information
Age 15
Blood Type B
Species Human/Weapon
Gender Female
Meister/Weapon Johann Pavo
  • Johann (Meister)
  • Mother
  • Witch(s)
Affiliations Shibusen
Physical Information
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Special Attributes Formal Outift
Attacks and Enhancements

Dark Slicer
Demon Shot
Vine Lash

Matilda Bismarch (マチルダ ビスマルク Machiruda Bisumarukku) the Demon Sickle (魔鎌 Makama) is the weapon partner of Johann Pavo, a one star meister from Shibusen. She aspires to be a Death Scythe.



Matilda has short shoulder high hair which has a long bang scraped over her head. She wears a black eyepatch over one of her green eyes. Her choice of clothing would be described by many as radical, with a slim-fit blue jacket with a button over chest and ruffled sleeves and hems. The jacket also has a tail and she wears a blue underskirt. She also wears knee high socks and brown shoes. Johann described her as beautiful.


Demon Sickle (魔鎌, Makama): In her fully transformed state, matilda takes the form of a long, slender sickle-like

Matilda in her fully transformed state

blade. Like her human appearance, Matilda's weapon form can be described as strange as while the weapon is a sickle, it has the bilt and guard of a katana. The hilt wrapping is purple and the guard is shaped like a german cross.
  • Splitting Blades: Matilda's most notable ability while in her weapon form is that the blade of her sickle can split into four identical and evenly spaced blades giving her the slight appearance of a fan.
  • Dark Slicer: Even without her meister, matilda is a capable fighter, commonly turning her own fingers into sickle-like blades which can easily rip through stone.


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