Lei (Rei; 令, Command) is a teenage Meister who is the ally of Benny C.. The two are currently trying to attain Benny C. to the status of a Death Scythe.

Basic Information
Age 17
Blood Type AB
Species Human/Meister
Gender Male
Meister/Weapon Benny C.
  • Benny C.
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Witch(s)
Affiliations Unknown
Physical Information
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Special Attributes Dark Bags under his eyes
Attacks and Enhancements
  • Silent Killing
  • Silent Killing - Witch
  • Massacre

Appearance Edit

Quite tall, Lei has straight and long black hair and black eyes. He wears a white sweatshirt with multiple blue "L"'s along it. He also wears a pair of black dress pants as well, with black dress shoes. He has shown to wear a light black v-neck under his sweatshirt, and often remove the sweatshirt when fighting. One of his notable features are the deep bags under his eyes.

Personality Edit

Quiet and naturally calm, Lei has a steady head on his shoulders. He has shown to have a strong relationship with Benny C., who is like a brother to him. Unlike many other Meisters he isn't as compassionate to help Benny become a Death Scythe but still wants to attain it. He has shown to have a fondness for eating, always seen enjoying some kind of food or snack. His favorite has shown to be instant ramen in a cup, which he always has on him.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Soul Perception Edit

Having the ability to perceive the souls of others, and can sense the presence of Souls, Witches and other Meister alike. He has stated too see the soul of others around them in a colored veil. He has shown to take interest in the color of everyone's souls, jotting them down in his little notebook. He has also shown the ability to sense through a Witch's Soul Protect being able to sense any single witch within his radius.

Weapon Gene Edit

Similar to one Maka Albarn, Lei is the child of a weapon mother and meister father. This gives him the ability to access a weapon form in dire situations, but instead chose to follow the road of a meister. He has stated to be a more proficient meister then weapon, having little control over his weapon form. He has shown to use this special "gene" to become more connected with Benny, as they can easily resonate when Lei concentrates on his weapon half, while channeling his meister half.

Clairvoyance Edit

Originally a unique ability not known by many meister, Lei can use this ability to see through the vision of others as well as having a 360° view on the person. He has shown to use this ability for scouting and reconnaissance. He has shown to focus through the soul of the target, which allows him to perceive another soul easier. Another mixing of his weapon gene allows him to see into the "world" that a weapon goes into transforming into a weapon.

Trivia Edit

  • His picture is you cannot tell, is based off of L, from the series Deathnote