Koinu is a weapon that can turn into a giant sword (resembles a yoru) and a giant cleaver. She is partnered with Droy Yami.

Appearence Edit

Koinu has short hair and is the height of a regular girl. She wears a hoodie and has a dog tail when asked if its real she will not respond but the tail will wag. She has pink eyes to match her hair color. Her soul is pink and wears a hood the both eyes visible.

Personality Edit

She has a bubbly personality really showing her emotion. She often crushes on Droy wagging her tail when hes around. She never wants to leave his side. (Think Mizukami from D-frag)

History Edit

She says she was born in a village where everyone has tails but was shunned due to her weapon abilities Droy was supposed to hunt her down for a bounty but she hugged him when he was about too and became his partner soon after.

Abilities Edit

She can transform into a giant sword and a cleaver

Soul slasher: she morphs into a cleaver and makes a slash of pure soul wavelength it is saod that it couls cut a whole builing in half. It has double the power in sword form

Canine combat: She morphs into the sword and then Droy uses not only the sword but also his martial arts. The cleaver is deadlier with this move

Grizzly magnum: Droy slashes using koinu and then uses his gun grizzly magnum.

The wolves souls dance at midnight: Droy and Koinu's souls become one and his slashes become as fast as lightning

Trivia Edit

She told her friends that she is in love with Droy

No one knows how she can become two weapons

Her wavelength is only compatable with Droy

She kissed him the moment she saw him she says it was love at first sight

She lives with Droy and often sneaks into his bed

Some say the reason she wears a hoodie is to hide dog ears

She has collected 60 souls