Kishi Kimera




Cherry Berry




Resonance, Melee



Kishi Kimera is a Kusarigama and is wielded by Cherry Berry.


Kishi Kimera was partnered with Leon Light his meister while he was at shibuya 2 years ago. they were a demonic duo having already beaten 4 witches. Leon died by slipping up while fighting a witch 1 year ago. Kishi started doing missions by himself by turning his arms into chain and a sickle. He had a wild blood lust and he earned a nickname which gave him fear. "Kimera the Kishin".

Kishi left Shibuya the day he heard his nickname. Then he wen't into a cave and didn't move. a whole year later he was lured out by a song. He left the cave and came in contact with a witch named Cherry Berry. He introduced himself and Cherry saw the size of his soul and how empty it is now but how big. Kishi then told cherry he was a weapon. Cherry's eyes' lit and she asked him if he wanted to team up.

She mentioned that Meister's from shibuya kept coming after her. Kishi agreed and started a new life with cherry.