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Kana's MotherEdit

Kana's mother was strict towards Kana, insulting her whenever she messed up or when she disobeyed her. She wouldn't go to actual physical abuse, saying it was "not lady-like and very much unrefined" which is irony compared to her language towards her daughter. She can be manipulative, tricking Kana into more work and false hope.

When Kana snaps and kills her family, Kana's mother begged for her life, pleading and saying that all she had done was for the good of Kana. However, even insane, Kana was able to see her cold gaze that she would cast when lying, and stabbed her through the chest, killing her instantly.

Kana's FatherEdit

Kana's father had a temper that could only be described as the anger of a bull. His wrath was what Kana had feared about him, cowering in a corner during beatings or shaking in fear as she talked or he spoke to her. He was abusive both physically and mentally, cursing and swearing as he whipped or stabbed her. Kana had found him to be deceiving, as when other families came to visit, he would act as the kindest father to Kana until they left, acting cruel and harsh towards her.

As Kana's madness takes over and she goes to kill her father, he doesn't cower in fear or plead for forgiveness. He instead yells at her, shouting about calling the police or shooting her with a rifle right where she stood. His daughter called him "an ugly pig who deserves his punishment" and stabs him in the head and chest, causing instant death.


Kana's elder sister and the only member of their family who cared for her. Elena was known to be sweet and loving towards her younger sister. After beatings, she would come into Kana's room with a medical kit, tending to her new cuts or bruises. She only told Kana that she was a weapon and planned on enrolling into DWMA when she turned eleven, also planning on bringing Kana along with her in secret. The younger sister happily agreed, eager to leave the house and her abusive parents.

Elena, however, was soon changed due to threats from her mother and father. After protecting Kana from a beating that would've killed her, she displayed her weapon abilities to her family, only for it to backfire on her. She was forced to do Kana's torturing, the injuries turning more deadly due to Elena's weapon attacks. Kana easily lost the trust she had in her sister, calling her a traitor.

On the night of the family's murders, Elena was the last one to die, crying and pleading for her sister to stop and think. She continuously screamed and asked if Kana even recognized her. Kana only responded saying that her sister was dead to her and that the person she was looking at was just a replica, killing her immediately after.

Kana's regret caught up to her when her madness slipped away, grieving for her sister. She would visit her sister's grave often and pray for forgiveness, hoping she'd get an answer from her sister soon. That answer came soon when Kana wept in front of the grave, stating how she wished to be forgiven and telling how much she loved her sister. She would repent and die only to see her again. When she looked towards the grave, she could see her sister's soul, being able to sense her accepting her apology and apologizing for giving into her mother's tricks. Elena told Kana how proud she was for making it into the academy and how much she had grown. The younger smiled tearfully before Elena's soul faded away.


Maria NakamuraEdit

One of Kana's weapon partners. Maria is the one who tends to get on Kana's bad side more often than her brother, having pointing out Kana's obvious flaws at times and annoying her to no end. The two, however, get along more than Garry and Kana, as seen in multiple battles when Maria and Kana are able to fight well together immediately while Garry and Kana had some issues at the beginning. It is caused mostly due Maria's belief in Kana. When they had met, Maria was the only one who was willing to cooperate with Kana while her brother was more hesitant. Due to Maria's shunning at home and the similarity between that and Kana's shunning, she saw herself in Kana a bit and believed that together, they could make an amazing team.

Garry NakamuraEdit

Kana's second weapon partner. Garry is able to stay on Kana's calm side more often than Maria, although also being annoying to his meister. Towards the beginning, Garry had his doubts about his meister and what she described to be her past. However, the doubt was soon resolved and Garry had told Kana he would stick by her towards the end, resulting in a tearful smile from Kana.

At times, Garry can still be doubtful about his meister's decisions, calling her careless and hot-tempered which only results to a painful blow to the head. Although it is known that Garry thinks that if he tells Kana her flaws, she could fix them (although doesn't say so directly to Kana).


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