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Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Punishment"

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Kale ThompsonEdit

Kale Thompson (ケールトンプソン : ke^rutonpuson) better known as just Kale to his friends and family, is one of the main characters that "All That There Is" follows. He is Simon's meister and son of Kid and Liz.


Kale is a quiet boy who prefers his own company or that of his cousin and weapon's Simon. He has a slight touch of Avoidant Personality Disorder or APD, which manifests as a desire to be contantly alone with the fear of people judging him. He think everybody in the world should just keep to their own buisiness and not butt into other people's problems because all they tend to do (in Kale's eyes) is make things worse. The only person Kale trusts fully is his cousin Simon and the only reason for this is because Kale is his meister. Like Kid, Kale also dislikes his lines of Sanzu stating that "they make him feel weird" on account of the three stripes being "unnatural".  Kale is very mature for his age, he despises people who act younger than they are or aren't as mature. He also has a dislike for people younger than him and often is harsh with the younger students of Shibusen. However he is perfectly fine with people who are younger than him if they are mature in what the do. He has no problem with letting people decide what they want to do and why, the only time he'll step in is when Kale see's the action as a threath to their own or somebody elses life or safety. However there are times where Kale's fear of social interaction will lead to him becoming rather childish to mask his fear of interaction.  Other than his fear of social interation Kale seems to appear very normal in the eyes of everybody else, give or take his habit of laughing when somebody describes something wrong. He genuinly cares for the well being of his few friends and his family. There are times where this will become an issue; such as when he goes on a mission with more than just Simon, if one person get's hurt Kale will very willingly stay behind to help said injured person even if it causes the mission itself to be jeapordised.  At one point Kale mentions to Emi that it would be very "cool" to have twin weapons, which is a hint that he can weild twin weapons just like Kid could (this might be because Simon is Patti's son and Kale is Liz's son). However  it is shown that Kale has trouble with two weapons, after having to weild Alex when Emi was knocked out by Odite.

Kale finds the act of collecting Kishin souls "fun" and seems to enjoy the sensless "slaying" of evil. This hints that Kale isn't as kind and innocent as he appears. This also comes into play when Emi learns soul perception and describes him as audacious and selfless but also necromantic. 


Kale dresses much like Kid used to. He is often said to be wearing a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up or a black blazer (minus the white rectangles) with a Shinigami skull pin on the collar of his blazer. He doesn't change much of this but doesn't often wear the blazer privetly telling Simon that "he wears it to impress his father". It is noted briefly by Alex that Kale wears a black arm band with the Shinigami Skull on it, there is no given reason behind this. The colour scheme (black and white) is meant to copy his dad's who's in turn copied his own dad's. However later or Kale picks up a red hoodie style jacket so that he destinguishes himself from his dad after feeling like a clone of his father. Possibly the most notable feature is the three white lines that cut across the left side of his hair, stopping in a completely straight line along the front and back of his head. They are the Sanzu lines, and they act as limiters to his power. Kale, unlike Kid, doesn't despise these lines, only cursing them when people ask about them.

When Emi learns to use soul perseption, Kale's soul is a dark green colour with the three lines of Sanzu. However, later on it is shown to be a lighter green colour in the shape of a skull.

Another noticable feature of Kale is his hereditary eye colour. Kale's eyes are two different shades of yellow, ringing around his pupil. The outside ring is a bright yellow while the inner ring is a dark yellow, similar to the color of gold. Emi, when she first saw him described him as golden eyes, mainly because she didn't know his name. Kale's hair is also dark blonde, like Liz's. Alex, after getting to know him, described Kale as a "golden haired angel of death" referencing to what Kale looks like with one of his Sanzu lines connected, which does in a way resemble a halo.



Simon: Kale's relationship with Simon is more a brotherly one than would be expected from cousins. It isn't stated how or when the two became partners but it might be to do with the fact that they are related. Simon says to Redd at one point that he thinks of Kale less as his cousin and more as his brother. Despite being partners, Simon and Kale have different ideas on how things should run. Other people sometimes question how the two boys function becuase they often argue when on missions. When Kale tells Simon to run and not look back for his meister, Simon refuses to. When Kale insists he run, Simon does so which Redd calls Kale a terrible meister for abbandoning Simon which Simon retorts with and hits Redd across the face saying that "Kale is one of the bravest meisters, and would never leave his friends unless it was the only choice". Simon then says that he "never thanked Kale" which shows the brotherly bond between the cousins.


Kid: Kale dislikes people comparing him to his dad on the account he doesn't like being called a clone. There aren't many times where Kid and Kale are together but when they are, the conversation is scarce and often ends up with either Kid or Kale commenting on their disorders. Over all the pair get on well and Kid has no issues with teasing his son, especially when Kid gives Kale Excalibur's book as a joke knowing that Kale would go look for him and then be annoyed by Excalibur's antics. Other than that the pair get on quite well, despite Kale often saying that his dad "doesn't understand". Liz: There isn't much interaction between Liz and Kale, but when there is it is shown that Liz very much cares for her son. Kale says to Liz that he misses spending more time with her (shadowing that they may have been very close at one point). Kale doesn't get much from Liz other than her hair colour and the fact that Kale also dislikes dark creepy places like Liz did.


Emi: The first proper interaction between Emi and Kale is in chapter 4. After that Kale and Emi become mutual friends, it is hinted that Emi has feeling's for Kale. The bond between Emi and Kale is shown to be quite strong because before Emi is knocked out she tells Kale that if anything was to happen to her, Kale would have to be the one to look after her. Despite Emi's affections towards Kale, it seems he likes her nothing more than a friend. Redd: At first Kale and Redd seem to have quite a rivalry because of Kale "accidentaly" shooting Redd in the face (not doing any damage though). After that they form a friendly rivalry that often causes them to break out in fights on account of Redd not being able to admit that he's not as good as Kale. Kale at one point tells Redd that he's lucky to have friends and shouldn't put himself first in every situation, he's not going to be #1 all the time. Alex: There is very little interaction between Kale and Alex. When there is however it is mostly talk about to to improve. However it is shown that Kale is able to weild Alex as a weapon when Emi is knocked out, suggesting that the two are closer than it seems. Kelsey: Like Alex, there aren't many times that Kelsey and Kale interact and when they do, Kale often remarks on how brave Kelsey is by becoming Redd's meister. It is shown that Kale (despite knowing that Emi has feelings for him) admits to Kelsey hat he has somewhat of a "thing" for her.


Naturally Kale, like Kid, is very skilled with guns on the account of Simon being a Demon Gun. He holds his weapon upside-down, with his pinkies used to pull the triggers (a habit picked up from Kid). Another technique that may be a hereditary is that Kale's weapon compresses his soul wavelength and fire it at the target, rather than shooting normal bullets. This allows him to blast his soul wavelength through the opponent. The attack is more of a dark-like 'stream' of energy that fires through the enemy, though it won't open a hole through the opponent or his/her clothing. Another hereditary trate that Kale seems to have is the ability of Soul Perseption. In chapter 12 ("Third Mission") it is said that Kale can predict how far/near an opponent is as well as what direction they are coming from. However whether this is part of his Soul Perception is never said nor discussed. 


Konso: The ability to store a soul without actually consuming it. This is a ability specific to Grim Reapers.


  • Stand Alone Techniques
    • Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Crime": This is a fighting style which focuses on landing strong blows and kicks. In this stance, Kale's body is turned to the side. His right arm is pointed up towards the sky while his other arm is pointed to the ground. He also moves at a faster pace, often catching the opponent off guard. The first time Kale is shown to use this technique is in chapter 22 ("Emotional Massacre") when he gets into another fight with Redd. This fight results in a gap forming between Simon and Kale.
    • Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Punishment": This fighting style is more defensive than Kale's previously displayed Stance of "Crime", allowing Kale to use techniques similar to his father's own skull shields to block attacks (Death Arm Blocking), Kale still manages to use Simon in this stance. The differences between Kale's version of this and Kid's is that Kale only has use of one weapon while Kid had two.
    • Death God Martial Art - Stance of "Dark Crime": This, like Kid's version, is only utilised when Kale connects a singular Line of Sanzu but also needs to be under the influence of Darkness.This fighting style is far more dangerous than any other of Kale's techniques. Reguardless of the strength of the opponents attacks, they seemingly just bounce off Kale while Kale's own attacks are far stronger than normal, enough to kill in a single blow. 
  • Soul Resonance Techniques

Physcobilly Shotgun: Kale's Soul Resonance attack. When Kale resonates with Simon, Simon's pistol form changes into a single barrel shotgun and Kale can fire a far more powerful shot that leave a stream of black/red skull shaped smoke.

  • Sanzu Techniques
    • Sanzu Stream Shot: A technique which is activated when the first Sanzu Line is connected. Kale brings his arm up in the air and brings it down whilst firing which sends out a stream of Red/black condensed Soul Wavelength energy. The same way that bullets are not used in Simon's weapon form.
    • Sanzu Dive Shot: A technique in which Kale will kneel on ground and push off into the air and fire facing downwards before landing on the opponents body and kicking them skywards whilst firing. 
    • Sanzu Darkness Shot: When two or three Sanzu lines are connected, Kale is able to use his darkness distortion. This technique is only useable when resonated and when done so Kale's right arm (the hand he hold Simon in) is engulfed in a red/black steam like substance. Kale is then able to take down more than one opponent at a time, even kill them in one go.
  • Darkness Release

Kale particular variant of this technique utilizes the darkness inside him, the "Darkness of Aloneness." The desire to be alone all the time.  This is prominently featured within his distinctive personality. At first Kale is overwhelmed and unable to control this darkness and thus encases himself in nothingness which surpasses his desire to be left alone. After this happens Furor appears and tells Kale how the more he shuts himself off.

When the ability is activated, Kale's clothing changes. He wears a black jacket with the sleves falling to his elbows. He wears a white shirt with red and black stripped armbands and black trousers with red boots. Under the influence of darkness Kale's eyes turn white and three black lines appear vertically directly under his eyes almost like tears. Kale describes this darkness as "darkness within a meaning."