Johann Pavo

Basic Information
Age 16
Blood Type B
Species Human
Gender Male
Meister/Weapon Matilda Bismarch
  • Matilda (Weapon)


  • Witch(s)
  • Evil human(s)
Affiliations Shibusen
Physical Information
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Lavender
Special Attributes Decorative Feathers
Attacks and Enhancements

Vine Lash

Enhancements Soul Resonance
Soul Perception

Johann Pavo (ヨハン·真孔雀 Yohan Pabo) is Matilda Bismarch's Sickle Meister (鎌職人 Kama Shokunin). He also has a Grigori Soul.


He is very proud of his appearance, often deeming the appearance of other's souls as ugly and his own as beautiful. His vain personality does nott stop to judging others' and his own soul but his own and others' appearance. He states that some people should dress like him to look "fashionable". His obsession with looking good prevents him from fighting seriously in a fight in case he should damage his perfect appearance.

He is also very protective of his weapon partner-Matilda, because people usually judge her by her radical clothes and hairstyle. This leads him to describe her beauty in both appearance and soul.



Johann sporting his unique outfit and demonstrating his vain personality.

Johann is a good-looking man and is not hesitant to tell others of his beauty. He has jaw length purple hair and lilac coloured eyes, on his right eye and eyebrow he wears several decorative, red and yellow feathers; these can be removed.

His attire typically consists of a black Shihakushō robe with an orange piece of clothing sitting around his neck, covering the portion of his chest which would have been revealed by his robes. This piece is connected to a similar orange sleeve on his right wrist.


Physical Fitness: Johann is in great physical condition and he is able to perform multiple, graceful aerial dodges

Johann's agility

and can do so with extreme agility. He is one of the fastest students in Shibusen excluding Death the Kid and Black☆Star. He also has formidable stamina as he is able to endure a long hard workout without even a sweat. He also never gets ill, this is due to his love of his own appearance so he eats foods that help his hair volume and skin tone etc.

Expert Meister: As a student of Shibusen, Johann is a talented meister and can easily use Matilda with almost no problems. Compared to some meisters at the academy, Johann's weapon isn't as "compact" as most others as Matilda's takes the form of a long sickle-like weapon. He uses it's longer size and ability to produce several more blades as an advantage in battle.

Soul Perception: Johann has the unique ability to view the souls of living human beings, these souls give Johann an idea of the opponent's characteristics and abilities. The appearance of their soul matters greatly to Johann because of his overly vain personality, he believes that only "ugly" souls should be absorbed by Matilda, whilst beautiful souls may be either spared or even destroyed, so that Johann's may remain the most beautiful in the world.


Johann's Grigori Soul used in conjunction with Matilda.

Grigori: Johann possesses a very rare type of Soul, which only one in fifty milllion people have and it is the main reason for his vain persona. He believes that his soul is far superior to simple souls that ordinary poeple possess. Grigori souls have wings and he can manipulate the soul through his partner Matilda into large vine like whips which can literally suck out the soul of his victims.


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