Jake van Bergen is a 20 years old weapon who once went to Shibusen, but left it with his tech Yurmön Right.

Jake van Bergen












A lot unknown prior his introduction Currently: Yurmön "Cleaver" Right




Jake has green, long, spiky hair. He's 189 cm and rather thin. He only wears a pair of jeans. Goes bare footed and misses 1 front teeth. His jeans are adorned with three skulls on his left pipe.

While in his weapon form he's a flail with a 15 metres long chain connecting the ball with the handle. He can't move on his own while in this form. Jake is able to shorten the chain and reverse this (it's maximum stays 15 metres). The ball has a diametre of 25 cm


Jake has a laid back nature and only wants to do things for profit. His reason to join and stay with his current partner is because Yurmön doesn't care about anything at all (unlike Jake previous partners who always nagged). Though his greedy nature he doesn't seem to put money over his or that of his partners lifes.

Jake has no care for any other beings aslong they don't bother him or his plans. Unlike most weapon and meister teams, Jake seems to be the one who's the leader of the two of them. Often calming Yurmön down or telling him to retreat from the enemy.


Even without Jake surpasses Yurmöns fighting skills by far and thus is able to handle a strong soul on his own. While in his human form he's able to transform his hair into chains which each can act on their own. He can trasform his feet and hands in a steel cannon ball for extra damage. While in his weapon form he has no fighting abilities and thus must rely on his tech.

Together wih Yurmön he's able to do soul resonance. While in this form he's 11 times bigger than his normal form and is able to make itself smaller when needed. In this form he's also able to move on his own, though only the chain.


He's capable to crush granite walls with his hands transformend into a steel cannon ball. He's also skilled in kendo, though he never uses it in battles but more for show.

While in his weapon form he's able to do the following attacks with his tech.

  • Hammer whip: Yurmön adds his souls wavelength to the ball on the chain to provide direct damage to the body. (similar to Soul purge).
  • Bombardment: While using soul resonance Yurmön swings the flail at a high speed around him destroying anything on it's path. After usage the soul resonance is ended and both of them are very exhausted.