Hazelnut Goldenheart


"Weird old lady"


Human (Meister)


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169 lbs


August 15th

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1-Star Meister


Emielia Gremmy

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Death City

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Unnamed Mother Unnamed Father

Hazelnut "Haze" Goldenheart (ヘーゼルナッツヘイズゴールデンハート) was a student at the DWMA in the 1980's, and would have been the strongest meister to graduate from the academy, but dropped out before she could graduate due to the death of her partner Maryann Amber. She later had a monster cat roommate named Lilian, and would become the temporary meister for Emielia Gremmy. She died fighting the Umbra Clan leader Röben Umbra.


5 years of age Edit

At around 5 years old, Haze had short, wild red hair, with yellow eyes and green pupils. She wore a large tan cloth rapped in rope. After being  found by Lord Death, her hair was much neater, and she started to wear dresses.

15 years of age Edit


Haze at 15

At 15, Haze's hair went down past her chin, her hair being a dark copper color. She wore a blue plaid jacket, a red bow tie with white and green stripes, a white blouse, a red plaid skirt, white knee high socks, and black flats. At this time, she was around 5'9.

19 years of ageEdit

3 years later, Haze grew to 6'1, and wore a long lab coat with superhero pins, a white dress shirt, a tan plaid vest, dark jeans, and combat boots. She wore her hair up in a short pony tail, and had a tattoo of a small purple crown on the right side of her chest.

49 years of age Edit

At 49, Haze's hair grew much longer, going down to her chest. Her hair color faded to a light copper. She had a large scar over the left side of her eye, her left eye white and leaving her almost blind; she hides the scar and her eye by wearing a gas mask. She had the same lab coat from when she was 19, and wears a purple tank top with a bulletproof vest, black jeans, and worn out dress shoes. She grew to her full height of 6'5 at around 21, and has a second tattoo of a skull on her left arm.

Soul Edit

Her soul is very large, showing to be larger than Franken Stein's soul. It is a golden color with a purple haze around it. When being controlled by Madness, her soul would form three eyes, representing her Madness. In later years, one eye would always stick to her soul.

Personality Edit

At a very young age, Haze was very angry and violent, a status of her Madness, but later calmed. Haze was a very sweet and caring person, and also was very prudish. She loved to read dictionaries and read/practice chemistry in her free time.

After the death of her partner, Haze became stoic and often came off as very weird. As one eye permanently formed onto her soul, she became more sensitive to madness and seemed to become even more abnormal. She was obsessed with creating new objects and substances, and also seemed to love soda (mostly Pepsi), often being seen sipping soda through a straw.

Relationships Edit

Romantic Interests Edit


Haze and Mar

Maryann "Mar" Amber: Haze and Mar knew each other for most of their lives, making them very close friends. As a teenager, Haze started to develop feelings for Mar, but didn't know how he felt about her. At 19, they had a fling, prompting them to have some sort of romantic relationship. When Mar fell in love with the witch Röben Umbra, Haze felt jealous and betrayed, avoiding Mar whenever she could. When Mar was then taken and killed, Haze became very emotional and dropped out of the DWMA.

Lilian: Lilian is Haze's roommate. They have a very close relationship, and later develop romantic feelings towards each other. Haze did not want to get into a relationship, saying that it would "hurt Mar" and she'd feel absolutely guilty.

Friends Edit

Emielia "Emi" Gremmy, Theo "Twizzlers", Alex Saw, Serenity Saw, and Reave were all very good friends of Haze and Mar's, them being a large friend group in the DWMA. Most of the friends died off, leaving only Haze, Emi, and Serenity left in the group. After the death of Mar and Twizzlers, the group split apart, not meeting up until 30 years later, where Emi and Serenity are the only others left.

Lord Death: Haze looks up to Death as a friend and a father figure, seeing as he took her and Mar in when no one else would, raising them. Death was extremely devastated after Haze's death, distancing himself from others until he was done grieving.

Maka Albarn: Maka and Haze view each other as family, growing extremely close before Haze's death.

Bay Umbra: Bay is the daughter of Röben Umbra and Mar. She sees Haze as her real mother other than Röben, even calling Haze "mother" or "ma".