Haizo Aoi is the weapon of Nohi Azuki, and a student residing at the DWMA.
SEF Haizo Aoi

Haizo in his Human form


Haizo is a laid back, mellow 14 year old boy, who won't strongly react to much besides battling, and his height. Haizo is highly sensitive about his height, maing a large fuss over any comment pertaining to him being short. Aside from this sensitive subject, Haizo is obviously used to scoldings and verbal abuse, shown by Haizo practically ignoring Nohi when she scolds him.

Haizo tends to change charaetr-wise upon a fight. If the fight is simply for fun, or against an opponent that he deems weak, Haizo fights in a melancholy way, as if he is dissapointed that he cannot show off his full potential. During more serious fights, however, haizo is smiling, or even grining maniacly throguh most of the fight. He prefers methods that ae more direct and to the point, but it is not below Haizo to do a sneak attack of some sort.


Haizo has white hair (whether or not its his natural color is unknown), with a distinguishable part in his hair on the upper left side of his head. His bangs are long, often getting in his eyes, with hair longer between his eyes. Haizo's ears are covered by extended bits of hair spanning beween is ears and the farther side of the eyes. Under his coat haizo wears a green-like shirt, outlined in stitches and parting at the bottom-left hand side of his shirt. Haizo also wears white pants with a black box patten on his upper thighs. HIs pants are tucked in to boots reaching halfway up to his kneecap. Over all of this, Haizo wears a long, long black overcoat, resembling a chinese pao in a way. His overcoat is short sleeved, and has yellow trimmings, parting at his waist and reaching to his ankles/feet. The end of his coat is in absolute tethers, so Haizo has since spray-painted a yellow flame pattern at the end.