The Gorgon Family were a family of powerful witches and prophetic mystics.


The first known ancestor of the Gorgon Family was Chaos Gorgon. He was an elderly warlock who made clones of himself in both different gender and appearance. His eldest son would become the first Kishin. His eldest daughter Gaia would become a powerful witch. Gaia had a son with her brother, and eventually clone her own sons. One of her son, (whom she had an incestous affair with) fathered a son and daughter. The daughter would marry her younger brother, and would father Medusa and Shaula. Arachne was conceived by the mother and a mortal. Medusa would have a son named Crona who was named after their uncle Cronus. It is unknown if Crona was cloned from Medusa, or born from natural qualities. If the latter is true, it is currently unknown who Crona's father is.

Relatives: 1st generationEdit

  • Chaos- The earliest known ancestor of the Gorgons, and Crona's great-great-great-grandfather. He was renowned powerful mystic. He used black magic to clone his own children.

2nd generationEdit

  • Gaia- Chaos' daughter, and Crona's great-great-grandmother/great-grandmother. She was known as Mother Earth in Ancient Greece. She is considered the matriarch.
  • Tartarus- Chaos' son, Gaia's husband/brother, and Crona's great-great-granduncle/step-grandfather. He represented the deepest pit of the Underworld.
  • Eros-Gaia's brother, and Crona's great-great-granduncle. He represented Lust.
  • Nyx-Gaia's sister, and Crona's great-great-grandaunt. She had 15 children. She represented Night.

3rd generationEdit

  • Typhon- Gaia and Tartarus' son and the great-granduncle of Crona. He is the Father of All Monsters.
  • Uranus- Gaia's cloned son. He is Father Sky of Ancient Greece. He is the patrairch of the Titans. He is Crona's great-granduncle. 
  • Pontus-Gaia's cloned son, and Uranus' brother. He was the Primordial of the Sea. He is the great-grandfather of Crona.