Emiellia Louise



Emiria Ruīzu


WW Bazooka


Witch/Weapon Hybrid


Female Female




January ???

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Professional Status



Demon Weapon; Academy Student


Sonora Elite


Two Star

Personal Status



Tsuki (mother; witch)

Mido (father; weapon)

Weapon Form



Grigori Soul


Emiellia Louise is a witch/weapon hybrid and has the ability to transform into a Bazooka. She is the weapon of GunMeister Sonora.

Background Edit

Emiellia is the daughter of the witch, Tsuki, and demon weapon, Mido. It is unknown where the two met but it was probably before the peace treaty between Shibusen and the witches. Her father was a former student of Shibusen, successfully collecting 99 kishin souls, however he never turned into a Death Scythe after falling in love with the witch he was suppose to kill. Emiellia joined Shibusen around the age of 13 when she gained her powers and had to learn how to fit in with normal humans since she was raised in the environment of witches. No one, except for a selected few, knows that she is the daughter of a witch.

Her father is a teacher in Shibusen and Emiellia is currently living with him in Death City while she continues her studies. She had no partner for 2 years until she met Sonora, whose soul wavelength she managed to be compatible with, and teamed up with her. Emiellia, despite being part witch like Crona, has no magical abilities but possesses her mother's love for destruction.

Personality Edit

Emiellia is a thoughtful child with a heart of gold. She is supportive of her allies and is a positive thinker. However, due to being a witch hybrid, she has a fondness for destruction. Emiellia is alert and cautious of the people around her since there is a possibility of her secret being found out. She is a bit of a klutz like her mother and sometimes causes destruction by accident, which she apologizes for later.

She is a cheerful person but a bit of an introvert since she is rarely around kids her age. Emiellia likes to see the bright side of things and wants to see the goodness in people rather in focusing on the bad. She is a peacemaker between two quarreling parties but can lose her temper when she is over her limit.

Appearance Edit

Emiellia is a slender girl with fair skin tone, purple eyes, an average height, and has short curly light blue hair. On her head, she wears a violet fedora with a white sash.

Her standard outfit consists of a white colored sailor fuku adorned with a blue sailor collar with a pink stripe running through it and a pink tie of which ends in the shape and style of Shinigami's mask. On the back of her blouse is a pair of small, decorative, lilac colored cupid-like wings which turn into large, glowing, indigo colored angel wings by using her Grigori Soul with Soul Resonance. Her skirt is blue with white trimming. She wears a pair of white knee-high boots over black knee-high socks.

Soul Edit

Her soul is indigo colored with the top of which ends in the shape of her fedora. It shows a bubbly facial expression.

Weapon Form Edit

Emiellia takes the form of a large blue bazooka with lilac colored cupid-like wings at the rear. When using Soul Resonance with her partner, Sonora, she is able to utilize the ability of flight with her Grigori Soul.

When she is in her human form, she can transform selective body parts into parts of her weapon form. Usually she turns her forearm into a barrel (of a bazooka) and shoot out her own compressed soul wavelength.

Trivia Edit

  • When Sonora uses Emiellia in her weapon form, she holds her upside down with the trigger facing upward much like how Death the Kid holds his Twin Pistols.
  • The people who are aware of Emiellia's status as a witch hybrid are: Shinigami, Death the Kid, her father, the Deathscythes, Sonora, the faculty of Shibusen.
  • When Emiellia first met Sonora, she and her were both unaware of their power. When they teamed up, they were known as the "Destructive Duo".
  • Emiellia's soul is rather large and, because of this, she and Sonora's soul resonance is quite powerful.