Droy Yami is a Meister that used to be a bounty hunter before joining the arcademy. A girl named Koinu forces him to partner with her and go on missions.

Appearence Edit

Droy has a normal build and wears a suit and fedora he is a dark skinned boy with white eyes despite not being blind. His soul is black with white eyes and a smile. The soul also wears a fedora.

Personality Edit

He is pretty normal and rather lazy. He only fights for fun and for a good cause. He is mostly trying to collect souls because he finds it enjoyable and because koinu says she enjoys it. He mostly has a tsundere attitude hating compliments and acting shy whenever koinu acts nice to him.

History Edit

He likes to keep his history secret only telling people that he started hunting people at 10 and that he has trained in soul wavelength manipulation since the age of 7.

Abilities Edit

Ultimate soul: He can see others souls and can freely control his soul wavelength creating destructive techniques

Fighter:He is trained in most martial ways and when not with his weapon (which is rare) he weilds a gun named grizzly magnum and a swiss army knife.

Wavelength shot: he can use his weapon to make slashes similar to Cronas

Expert weapon weilder:He can weiled almost any weapon but prefers to use koinu.

Trivia Edit

Him and his partner go by the nickname "Bounty Killers"

When traveling Droy uses a motorcycle form of Death the kids skateboard he named it Coffin

Droy only joined the academy because other students hunted him and forced him to join

Droy's fedora was made by his partner koinu so he always keeps it with him

Droy actually has a sister her name is Koi Yami and she is teamed with droy and koinu