The Creator created the whole multiverse and done it in no more than 5 days and nights. He also created both Death and Grimm D. Reaper which were supposed to ease people into the afterlife but Grimm was too scary and Death was too "wierd".


The Creator has no history except that of creating the whole multiverse including Grimm D. Reaper and Death.


Soul CapabilitiesEdit

The Creator has a limitless soul and soul wavelength allowing him to create the souls of every living being out of his own soul and still have enough of his soul and soul wavelength to outmatch any living person in an instant which he never does due to that not being his job... his job is to create not destroy. In his mission to create he created the immensely powerful Death Orb which is used the Grimm D. Reaper (It should be noted that Grimm with his Death Orb rivals his own power).


These are the known abilities of the Creator;

  • Reality Warping: The Creator can warp reality which is what allowed him to create the multiverse.
  • Time Warping: The Creator can warp time which allowed him to create the aging process.
  • Space Warping: The Creator can warp space which allowed him to create mass.
  • Telepathy: The Creator can read and project thoughts on a multiversal scale.
  • Weather Manipulation: The Creator can manipulate the adverse affects of weather allowing him to control their intensity and range on a vast scale.
  • Chlorokinesis: The Creator can control any plantlife in the multiverse.
  • Geokinesis: The Creator can control every planet in the multiverse.
  • Immortality: The Creator is truely immortal allowing him to survive indefinitely.
  • Invinciblity: The Creator is immune to any means of damage in the multiverse.
  • Omnipresence: The Creator is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.