Bellus Eden
Basic Information
Age 14
Blood Type A
Species Meister
Gender Female
Meister/Weapon Poseison
Relationships Ms. Eden (Mother),

Mr. Eden (Father),


Family Ms. Eden (Mother),

Mr. Eden (Father)

Enemies Unknown
Affiliations None
Physical Information
Hair Color Yellow-Green
Eye Color Black
Special Attributes Is cunning, yet cheerful
Attacks and Enhancements
Attacks Unknown
Enhancements Soul Resonance

Bellus Eden is a student of Shibusen and is the Meister of Poseison.


At the age of five, her father supposedly went on a search to find the ultimate weapon for his daughter, but never returned, according to her mother. She may seem to be a regular cheerful Shibusen student, but is secretly trying to sniff out the ultimate weapon, which she hopes will lead to her father.


She is usually quite joyful and positive, but when challenged, she becomes quite serious and has extreme intent on killing anyone who stands between her and the ultimate weapon. She believes the only way that she can rescue her father is if she kills all who plans on blockading her, and continues to increase her bitterness inside, even when she is with Poseison.


She has long, yellow-green hair that she usually puts over her shoulders, and powerful, dishonest, dark eyes. She wears a set of odd-looking, orange sunglasses, a large, navy blue hooded jacket that even covers her black skirt, and sandals.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It is unknown what powers and abilities Bellus has, as he hasn't shown any as of yet.


  • Bellus, in Latin, means Beautiful, and, Eden, being her last name, may connect her with The Garden of Eden, which many Christians confirm was quite beautiful.