Despite being new to D.W.M.A, Athena was shown to have a great experience in soul extermination and usage of her own weapon. Even at a young age, she had traveled around to world with Odysseus, harvesting pre-kishin souls.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Bearer of a Goddess' SoulEdit

During a conversation with the goddess, Athena had revealed to Eris that when the demon forces had obliterated the first generation of meisters and weapons, including the gods and goddesses, Athena (goddess) had managed to transfer a fragment of her soul to a surviving mortal, which eventually ended up being Eris' ancestor. By the time of Eris' birth, the fragment had been completely reconstructed to form the goddess' complete soul.


Soul SwitchEdit

Being carrier of the goddess Athena's soul, Eris has the ability to converse with the other through thought, and even "switch" souls with her, by masking her own soul similar to how witches hide theirs. When this happens, her physical appearance undergoes a slight change, along with her voice.

Utility MeisterEdit

Although Eris had never held other weapons other than Odysseus, she was shown capable of using his different forms, namely blade, double blade, and shield.