No matter what happens, we'll make sure to get through each day together!
~ Athena to Odysseus
Name Athena
Alias(es) Athena
Romaji Asînâ
Katakana アシーナー
Alternate Name(s)
Personal Data
Sex Gender Sign - FemaleFemale
Race/Species Human Soul Human
Type of Soul
Classification Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Meister2 Meister
Status Alive
Professional Data
Occupation(s) School Staff
Affiliation(s) Soul Eater Wiki Icon - Shinigami2 DWMA
Place of Origin
Residence Death City
Weapon Partner(s) Odysseus
Meister Partner(s)
Relation(s) N/A
Real World Data
Voice Actors/Seiyu Kana Asumi
Manga Debut(s) N/A
Anime Debut(s) N/A
Game Debut(s)

Athena (アシーナー, Asînâ) is a genius Sword-Meister, wielding the "Olympian Blade", Odysseus. She had transferred into D.W.M.A along with her partner as a staff, but pretends to be a student in said academy. She is also the main protagonist of the fanfiction When Greeks get Mixed with Souls.


Bits of Athena's background were slowly revealed through the series. According to Odysseus, when they used to live together in Greece, people referred to her as the Goddess Athena's reincarnation, due to her blonde hair and grey eyes, in addition to immeasurable IQ and battle expertise. He had also stated that her true name was Eris Karpusi, and Athena was only a nickname given by the people.

During their younger years, Odysseus and Athena traveled together, visiting tourist attractions and eliminating evil human souls, in exchange of money and books, which made Athena's book collection to grow the size of a legit library.

Later on, it was revealed that she wasn't a goddess reincarnation, but was actually bearer of the Goddess Athena's soul. Due to this, she was able to speak to the goddess and "switch" souls even in the midst of battle. Much like Stein, she also had an insane side, which shows up when she finally snaps due to so much fear, pain or any negative feeling. When she first unleashed her insane mode, she exhibited the ability to use electricity, afterwards making the goddess hint that the Gods of Olympus had children called demigods.

Athena, according to Odysseus, had destroyed two pyramids in Egypt when she undergo insane mode by accident.

In a flashback, it showed Athena in the Parthenon, talking to herself about being a monster, before being comforted by Odysseus.


Athena displays a cheerful and childish personality, and is very attached to Odysseus, her partner, seeing that they had never been apart since they were kids. She likes to eat yet is very sensitive about her weight, being extremely pouty once when Odysseus admitted that she looked fat in a certain apparel. However, she can easily be consoled by the offer of any sweets. Athena also has little to no cooking skills, leading Odysseus to be the one aking their meals all the time.

Despite her childish and somewhat-bratty attitude, Athena cares deeply for her partner, and was greatly saddened when Odysseus lost consciousness for days after taking an attack for her. Much like Maka, Athena is a book person, leading her to like the Scythe-Meister upon their first meeting.

She also displays jealousy evident in the series, like when Medusa danced with Professor Stein (who she calls Stein-papa) during the party, she dragged Odysseus into the dance floor to overhear their conversation. It was also evident during the time when Odysseus was unconscious and Maka, Soul, Tsubaki and Black Star visited her apartment for a sleep over, they went through a photo album and found a picture of Odysseus along with some girl in Paris. Athena introduced her as Francine, with a frown in her face.

Athena is also a girl with high intellect, considered to be a genius by Shinigami.



Odysseus and Athena, weapon and meister, are extremely inseparable. They had been together since both were kids, and went through tough and fun times together. The two are extremely close and was shown to care deeply for one another, considering the other as someone ore important than their own lives.

Professor SteinEdit

Somehow, Athena is very attached to Stein, saying that he reminded her of her father. She often helps him in his laboratory and refers to him as Stein-papa.


Athena has wavy blonde hair that goes just past her shoulders, and grey eyes. She is commonly seen wearing a white shirt under a pink sweater, and blue skirt, although it was once showed that she has a black coat she wears during missions. She also has an identical copy of Stein's lab coat fit for her size.

When the Goddess Athena takes over her body, her eyes possesses a darker shade and a piercing gaze.


  • She was based from Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom and arts.