(Kana) アステル




Female Female


Deceased at 33


5'5 1/2"




March 2nd

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Emoriga & Astelle

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Daughter (N,A,L, Unkown)

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Hand-to-Hand, Swordfighting

Astelle (アステル Asuteru) was once a lordress of the Weapons, before even Death City was founded. She was the strongest of the weapons and was revered as a queen. She was a kind leader, helping her fellows in living peaceful lives. During those times, Humans sometimes were there to use weapons for evil, weapons themselves did not like being led by Astelle, and tried to oppose her rule, whether that be destroying her or her civilization and people. Many people rose against Astelle. Especially whilst her husband, Emoriga was absent. He and Astelle had been partners for their entire lives, and the ones who spawned the fate of the future with Weapon Meister


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Astelle is a medium height girl, standing at 5'5 1/2" tall. When not in weapon-form she wears a full suit of silver armor, with a red under-shirt made of thick silk. She is exceptionally talented herself with a sword, whether it be part of her weapon form as her weapon or just an everyday sword. She has long, light pink hair that is tied in a ponytail in the back, that falls neatly in between her eyes in the front and on the sides of her face. She has very kind, pink eyes. She is seemingly never unhappy, even in a state of stress. Her smile and kind appearance has said to cast away even the most negative of feelings in people.


Before the time of our modern DWMA Weapon Meisters and their Weapon Partners, Humans and Weapons were just called human-weapon teams. They had a single place they all congregated at that was dubbed Delora (essentially the DWMA of that time with less protection.), with the rule of Astelle and Emoriga, watching over, guiding and protecting them. They were the strongest human-weapon team in the region at that time, few were comparable to them. Astelle's partner Emoriga had left to be in another region for an exceptional amount of time and Astelle was left to fend the enemies off and protect Delora alone, which in most cases would have been more than enough. However their enemies were numerous, which was not surprising because people would become jealous of their status and popularity and try to over throw them. Before Emoriga had returned, they had already been through armies of enemies many times. They were in the midst of one right now in fact. Emoriga had returned however, things would change. Finding Astelle's location was not hard; just follow the lights. Arriving to the scene of what seemed like the end of the war, Emoriga brought along the surprise of his early return when Astelle had spotted him. They grouped up and discussed the situation. Rather than wasting the energy of Emoriga wielding her into combat. They finished off the last of the enemies. However they were surprised by a sudden shake of the ground. It became stronger every few seconds. Turning to look to their right, they saw it: A huge being, human, or weapon, matter not, for its size alone was an obvious danger along with its sword being almost identical in size. With their forces still at large they charged straight at it, in what was a futile attack when the beast took a lot of them down with a single swing of his sword. Astelle and Emoriga called the last of them back for them to handle this alone.

Astelle turned into her first weapon: The Bastard Sword Form. Emoriga grabbed her and charged at the beast, who swung its weapon with all its might at them. Emoriga managed to block it and counter with an attack, though it did insignificant damage. After a while, the other sword forms were unable to tame the beast, worrying them both that they may not win. However they still had Soul Resonance on their side, to which they immediately went to. Emoriga, now wielding Astelle's Water Spirit Blade Form. He swung a huge wave of water at the beast and knocked it backwards. Then they activated Flame Spirit Sword Form, and engulfed it in a flurry of burning flames. They then activated the final form: Heaven Spirit Blade Form. They charged up a bright light on the blade, and shot straight to towards the beast, and sliced right through it, dispersing the flames and killing the beast instantly. Delora was victorious! They had slain the enemy, who began to retreat behind the smoldering ruins of their large beast. Delora's forces returned to the city to rejoice in their earned victory. The future generations of Delora dictated the cities inevitable downfall. They were invaded many times after Astelle and Emoriga passed, not being able to find suitable persons to take their places. The offspring of Astelle and Emoriga, an anomaly where a human and a weapon are within one person, apparently is somewhere in the world now, fully grown. Though nobody knows of her, despite trying to find her many times.


Astelle was a very compassionate woman. She was always helping people who were in need, whether it be just small things, to people being bullied or attacked. She frequently walked the city making sure things were not going awry, and greeting people. She was rarely angered, and even when she was, she was very calm and open to compromise. She rarely showed signs of stress, even in the wars they dealt with. When her and Emoriga first met, Emoriga found her constant positive attitude slightly annoying as he was a rather dark and glum person before they became acquainted. Eventually, with her graces and kind spirit, she helped him see light and happiness. Her personality has even aided people's sickness simply from how positive and supporting she is. She worries deeply for her people and will defend them at any cost, even her own life, as would her people.

She loved health foods, most vegetables were her daily diet. However she sometimes had binges of typically unhealthy food. She particularly disliked most spicy foods and vegetables, eggs, most bread, and Rice.

She disliked most violence, especially towards Emoriga and her people, negativity, oppression, hurting animals and discrimination.

Stand-Alone AbilitiesEdit

Swordfighting: Astelle was proficient in sword-fighting when not in weapon form. She displayed so by fighting alongside Delora's army by herself, without her partner.

Hand to Hand:  She was also proficient in hand-to-hand combat, being able to handle multiple opponents at once with only hand-to-hand.

Soul Wavelength: She could utilize her soul wavelength to paralyze her opponents as well by palming them in the chest and then flicking their forehead.

Weapon Form AbilitiesEdit

Astelle has ten different sword-type weapon forms
Great swords by ronin ink colored by theabyssalsymphony-d5mxeud
  • Greatsword Form: This form is her first and most basic weapon form, resembling a simple Bastard Sword.
  • Gold Light Form: This is her second form, resembling that of a golden greatsword, with the ability to cut through evil and dispell it from the body of the person it connects to and protects the wielder from the forces of evil.
  • Earth Bound Form: This is her third form, a one handed Greatsword, which can control parts of the earth near the wielder and use them as shielding or for fight as well. The sword is also considerably heavier than the rest of her forms.
  • Strength Form: This is her fourth form, Her longest and her hardest to use. This weapon is a black two-handed greatsword that requires a vast amount of skill to wield, and can give the wielder more energy to fight when it connects with the enemy.
  • Invisible Emerald Form: This is her fifth form and her easiest to wield. This sword is only as heavy as a Longsword, much lighter than its Greatsword brethren forms. It is mostly transparent, only showing a faint emerald color throughout the blade, it has no guard, and a two-handed hilt.
  • Darkness Bound Form: This is her sixth form. The blade and hilt are both a purple color, with only the guard and pommel black. This form is able to create an inescapable barrier around the wielders victim to sap stamina from them so that they can no longer fight.
  • Black Knight Form: This is her seventh form, her second longest and weakest weapon. The blade is jet-black, with a curved shape at the end of the blade. It features golden protrusions as designs on the base of the blade, along with a rendition of the Ω symbol centering the designs. The hilt is nearly two and a quarter hands long, with golden ring designs on it as well, and a golden ring connected to the pommel loosely. The sword has no particularly notable abilities. It's strong purely because of it's sheer massive size which makes it difficult to wield without skill.
  • Water Spirit Blade Form: This is her third strongest Spirit blade form, her third longest, and her eighth form. This sword embodies the visualization of Waves and Water, and it can create waves of water to attack and defend against enemies.
  • Fire Spirit Blade Form: This is her ninth form and her second strongest. This sword embodies the visualization of flames and when wielded with a will of flame, will cover itself in flames, and shield its wielder with flames as well.
  • Heaven Spirit Blade Form: This is her tenth form and her strongest, a guardless greatsword with the ability to shield all those who have a legitimate will to fight for good who are near the wielder, also giving the wielder the power to save them from death.


"If trouble befalls you or your friends, you can always count on me to help you!"

"This city is full of my friends, my family, my people. I cannot let you defile that with your negative personalities, I am sorry."

"The world is ever-changing my love. Let us however, never change with it. I shall love you for everything that you are until the day that we both die, I swear it."