All That There Is ; Is a fanfiction written by TheWeirdoOutsideYourBedroom on (Also known as FoREVerTheEmoKid on 


All That There Is centers around 6 main characters

  • Kale Thompson - Son of Kid & Liz
  • Alexis Evans - Daughter of Soul & Maka
  • Simon McNeil - Son of Patti & Jackson
  • Red*Star - Son of Black*Star &Tsubaki
  • Emi Nakatsukasa - Daughter of Black*Star & Tsubaki 
  • Kelsey Shaw - Daughter of Luke and Janice

It follows their lives as they go through Shibusen just as their own parents did before them. However it's not all plain sailing for any of the 6. In between learning to trust their partners and helping out in the bid to keep the Kishin at bay; these teenagers must deal with stress; love; friendship and so much more.


Kale Thompson: Kale is a quiet boy who prefers his own company or that of his cousin and weapon's Simon. He has a slight touch of Avoidant Personality Disorder or APD, which manifests as a desire to be contantly alone with the fear of people judging him. He think everybody in the world should just keep to their own buisiness and not butt into other people's problems because all they tend to do (in Kale's eyes) is make things worse. The only person Kale trusts fully is his cousin Simon and the only reason for this is because Kale is his meister.

Kale's Theme Song: Glitter and Sparkle by Snow White's Poison Bite 

Alexis Evans: Alex as she prefers to be called is a bright girl who loves a good adventure. She doesn't care too much about grades or succeding as long as she has fun in the process. As the daughter of Maka, a lot is expected of Alex, however all she really wants to do is have fun. She thinks that the world would be a much better place if people just let loose once in a while. Alex is naive and likes to catergorise things; however she lacks common sense and sometimes can come off as sharp.

Alex's Theme Song: Shut Up by Simple Plan 

Simon McNeil: Simon is the safety conscious best friend and cousin of Kale. Simon likes to follow the rules and often disagrees with Kale's way of doing things. He likes to think that he is reliable and hates it when he feels as though he failed. Simon thinks that everybody should stick to what they know best and not upset the system. There is no time that he wouldn't try and help somebody in need. He serves as Kale's weapon very happily as well as keeping Kale from having an emotional break down

Simon's Theme Song: You're Gonna Go Far Kid by The Offspring 

Red*Star: Redd (as his nickname) is the next "#1". He thinks that everybody should like him and that they are "under" him. However this sin't true and most people just view Redd as a big headed idiot with a large ego who needs put in his place. Redd likes to think that he can cheat death and surpass god (just like Black*Star) however, he is often beaten in fights by Kale who's own talent far exceeds Redd's. Due to this Redd has a very resenting personality who never gives in nor gives up.

Redd's Theme Song: Misfit by Thebandwithnoname

Emi Nakatsukasa: Emi is the shy twin of Redd who is often overlooked because of her brother's cockiness and desire to be seen first. However, Emi dosen't let her brother's big headedness get in the way. She tries to please all her friends and get along with everybody. The first friend she made when she went to Shibusen was Alex and the pair retain a strong friendship, both sharing a distaste for Redd's desires. Emi is a bit boymad and quickly falls for Kale who doesn't share the same feelings.

Emi's Theme Song:Reach for the sky by Secondhand Serenade

Kelsey Shaw: (Kelsey is the only full OC in the story coming from OC's also) Kelsey is a fun loving and easy going girl who was drawn to Redd's ideals for stardome. She loves a good time with people and is very sociable. Kelsey often incourages Kale to come out of his shell a little bit. She can be boistrous and loud, able to control Redd's wild actions, however she can also be a caring and sweet girl towards other people. 

Kelsey's Theme Song:Disenchantedby My Chemical Romance