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Aaron is a 15 year old boy with pale skin, dark brown hair and light grey eyes. He is 5'6" and 124 lbs. While in his normal form, he originally wore a black short sleeved t-shirt with orange sleeves and shoulder, a dark grey military hooded jacket and faded jeans. He also often wore a pair of headphones on his head and a gold chain around his neck. He also wears a silver pinkie ring on his left hand. His shoes are white with a checkered design on the front.

After the 3 year timeskip, Aaron has begun wearing a black hooded blazer with black pinstriped pants and red sneakers with tribal designs.


Aaron is highly confident in his and Robin's abilities, which often leads to him becoming prideful. As well, his own pride often leads to him underestimating his opponents and being overpowered. However, despite his boastful nature, he is respectful of his elders and cares very deeply for his Meister and friends. Early on, Aaron is seen as a slacker and arrogant punk by alot of the other students and teachers, but yet he works very hard at his training and always strives to further himself.


Robin Welltin- Robin and Aaron share a very strong friendship. It is also shown that Aaron has feelings for Robin, while Robin often struggles with her feelings for Aaron and a few other male characters. Despite their complicated feelings, they are a highly effective team and one of the most powerful in their class.

Logan Lokwell- At the beggining of the series, Aaron and Logan share a great dislike of one another. (Aaron because of jealousy for Robin's feelings and Logan out of dislike for his arrogance) However, when Logan abandons the DWMA to work for Witch Scarlett, their relationship changes from a rivalry to out right hatred.


Scythe- Being a weapon, Aaron has the ability to change into a long handled scythe. He also has the abillity to change parts of his body into his weapon form such as his arms or legs. After the 3 year timeskip, Aaron has become a Death Scythe and can make his blades come out of his body instead of changing his whole arm.

Physical Fitness- Like most of the students at the DWMA, Aaron is in excellent physical condition yet, like most weapons, is much less effective without his Meister. However, he has been shown to still be a capable fighter as he could disarm multiple foes at once and even block a powerful magic blast from Logan Lokwell. As well, he has also displayed amazing will power and endurance as he was able to continue fighting after several injuries.

Black Blood- Aaron possesess the Black Room in his mind and can activate his Black Blood through times of extreme stress and desperation. When activated, the Black Blood gives him and his Meister great boosts in strength and speed but also causes them to grow closer to madness. After the timeskip, Aaron and Robin have gained far greater control over the Black Blood and can now access the power of it without the madness.

Strong Soul-

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